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paper name tags from party planner to brownie girl scout leader

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

I am proud to announce that I am the new Brownie leader of the American Girl Scout (GSA.As the connecting Queen dedicated to changing life, imagine that I was surprised by the purpose of understanding the organization: to let girls discover new things themselves, to connect with them on a personal level, take action to make the world a better place.I can't be happier.When I was planning my first meeting, imagine again, if you wish, when I found out that there were six parts of the meeting structure suggested by GSA, I was surprised, like meThe basic way to plan a great party.I am going to share my adventures in Girl Scouts from a volunteer's perspective this month, and he is happy to find an organization whose vision matches my own vision in many ways.I love the possibilities of this world where girls can grow up to be honest, fair, friendly, helpful, considerate, caring, brave and strong, responsible for their words and deeds;They can learn to respect themselves and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, and make the world a better place.That's what we teach in Girl Scouts, and we do it in a fun and fun way.Each meeting is essentially a party full of interesting activities designed to inspire and enrich the mind.I am very happy that my work has contributed to the lives of 2nd and 3rd girls.Here is the "party plan" for Brownie meeting #1 I outlined using the GSA meeting structure ".Start---My colleague, tea light inserted using 3x4 paperI and the leader asked each girl to make a name label with a brightly colored pen and herself.adhesive stars.Upon completion, the girls insert them into plastic sleeves and place them around their necks to prepare for our special guests.Then we began to draw the candle holder of the glass tea lamp.We explained that the Candlestick would be used at the ceremony later in the day, and then suggested that they draw a simple symbol that represents who they are or what it means to them to be brownies.---The girls wore brand names, dried tea lights and ate their snacks.My co-The leader and I introduced myself and I chose a girl to attend with an interesting badminton pen that everyone likes.--First Aid game our special guests arrived at this part of the meeting-Team of Girl ScoutsThe students recited the promise of Girl Scouts and the law, and reviewed the song make new friends.They also teach our girls to shake hands and important brownie Smile songs.Then we played a little memory game that I played while many babies took a shower.We took out the contents of the student's first aid kit and put them in the tray.Once every Brownie has a chance to view the tray and submit the item to memory, the tray is removed.I wrote one to fifteen numbers on a dry erase board and then asked the girls to tell me what they saw on the tray.These 15 items will later form the content of our Army's first aid kit.When our kit was assembled, each girl was assigned a program to attend the next meeting.-Sit-My colleague, uponIn, prepares for this girl scout tradition.Me and the leaderCut the oil cloth into 14x36 inch pieces for sitting up.Once folded into 14x18 inch pieces, we will hole inAbout 1 inch apart hit 3 sides.We also pre-Cut the carpet liner into 12x16 inch pieces, enough for every twoCoordinate yarn.At the meeting, once each girl selected her material, they also got a Butler gum floss as a needle.This is our secret tool that makes it easier to complete this project in less time.Then we write everyone's name with a marker.The girls were so excited about their sit-ups that we had to commit to using them at our next meeting!Clean-Clean-Girls are an important factor in any Girl Scout meeting.Once it was done, we started our special ceremony.---All but my three girls are coming back to the Girl Scouts, so for them my new girl ---The invitation ceremony.It's easier than I thought.I asked each girl to pick up the tea light and line up in the order that was scheduled."If you were Daisy last year, you will attend a re-employment ceremony today.” I said."If you are new to this year's Girl Scouts, you will be attending an invitation ceremony.Traditionally, when you "invest" in something, you make a commitment or commitment.You have a very important commitment as a Girl Scout and you agree to live.Each of you has heard what our visiting trainees have said about the commitment, and today you have the opportunity to invest in yourself at this special ceremony or to re-dedicate yourself to the commitments and laws of the Girl Scouts."I lit each girl's tea light with a long cone candle while she repeated a word I gave her from the Girl Scout Promise and the law.For example: a girl said, "I will do my best to be honest and fair.The other said, "be friendly and helpful," and the other said, "be considerate and caring for others," etc.My co-The leader followed them, added a member star to their vest, and turned the Brownie pin to the right --side up.When all the candles were lit, the tea lights were held in the left hand, and three fingers were raised in the right hand, my returning girls agreed.I welcome them back to the army.Then call our new girls and when I lead them through the promise of the Girl Scouts, I ask them to repeat it with me.After I finished, I took their tea light and shook hands with them and welcomed them to join our team.Congrats to our girls, and I declare that they are all formal Brownie Girl Scouts, so they received a brownie cupcake when they left the venue.It was a very busy meeting.In two weeks we will enjoy "sitting in our seat" (quote one of the girls) and take the time to get to know each other.I have to say that the best time of the day is to put one of my girls around me and say, "You are the best brownie leader ever!"How great is that?The loving party really pays off.
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