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patterned tissue paper How to Craft a 1950s Soda Jerk Hat

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
Make Soda ass on HalloweenWhen I was in my 1950 s, soda assholes worked in pharmacies to create delicious ice cream soda and sundae.They are called assholes because they pull down the lever on the soda fountain to distribute the soda.They are wearing a rectangular white hat.Early soda hats were usually made of cotton cloth.
Wearing paper hats with store signs became standard in later years.Cut two 12-by-3-Inch rectangle of card stock.These are the sides of the hat.If necessary, draw the name of the soda shop on the paper with the mark, or print it out on the computer and paste it.
You can also draw a "trim" line at the top of the hat.Cut a 17-by-4-Rectangular inch from tissue paper.Put the paper on a flat surface on the long side closest to you.
2 inch off short sides on each side.
Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge.Place a card stock rectangle face down on the table.Make sure it's right.Stick the folded paper towel to the top of the rectangle.
The bottom edge of the paper towel should be 1 inch below the top edge of the card library, and the paper towel should be centered on the card library so that 1/2 of the card stock is available on each side.Make sure to stick only the bottom of the paper towel to the card.Stick another piece of card paper to the other side of the paper towel in the same way.
Apply glue to the outside 1/2 of each short edge of the card inventory.Apply glue to the back of the card stock.Press the two cards together with the edge alignment.Fix the edges together with clothes until the glue is completely dry.
Before wearing a hat, let the glue dry for 2 hours
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