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patterned tissue paper How to Glue Tissue Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
Decorative paper towels are the ideal medium for decorative arts such as paper cuts, which can be done by almost anyone.Thin paper, whether plain or with decorative patterns, not only attracts the eye as a gift bag filler, but also sticks well to the top surface of glass, plastic and wood.Whether it's looking for a craft that works quietly on its own or working with a large group of people, it's cheap to glue paper towels and it'll dry out soon.
If you know more about decoupling, you can add visual interest to your home's regular decorative items.Cover your table with plastic tablecloths or garbage bags.This will protect the table from glue spills.
Put the paper towel on the table.
Straighten any wrinkles or creases on the paper towel.Place the plate on a paper towel and sketch the outline of the plate with a pencil.Do it gently so you don't tear the paper.If you are working on multiple boards, move the board to draw multiple templates, starting at the edge of the table.
Remove the plate from the paper towel and put it aside.Cut paper towels with sharp scissors.Wet a small sponge with warm water.Pat the paper towel with a damp sponge, completely saturated.Pour the white glue into the paper cup.Pour only about an inch of glue into the cup.
Dip the tip of your sponge brush into the glue.Pour the plate in front of you.Rub the entire back of the plate with glue.Press the paper towel on the wrong side up on the sticky board.
Let the plate dry for a few hours before turning.Seal the tissue by applying a second layer of glue on the back of the tissue
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