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patterned tissue paper How to Make a Russian Hat

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
A Russian hat, called ushanka, is a traditional Russian accessory that can be instantly recognized.If you go to Russia or go to a costume party, you may want to wear your own ushanka, which means "eardrum" in Russian ".You can make this hat yourself at home with your own pattern, which will save money than buying a pre-prepared hatMake Hats in department stores or specialty stores where similar items can sometimes be expensive.
Measure the diameter of the head with a tape measure.Write this measurement and save it for use when determining the size of the hat you make.Draw a pattern in a paper towel or newspaper as an alternative.
Draw a rectangle of the same length as measured by your head, about 4 inch wide, plus a 1 inch seam allowance.This will be the edge of the hat.Draw an oval with the same diameter as measured by your head, plus 1 inch of the seam allowance.Draw two squares about 2 inch by 4 inch with rounded corners on the bottom as ear flap.
Cut each pattern from a paper towel and attach them to a piece of artificial cloth with a straight pin.Cut fabric blocks using a tissue pattern as a guide and remove all direct sales.Sew the ends of the rectangular fabric together so you have a ring.
Sew the oval part to the top of the ring so you have a basic hat shape that you can wear comfortably on your head.Sew an ear flap on both sides of your ear's hat
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