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patterned tissue paper How to Make Fourth of July Decorations

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
Bring a patriotic feel to your home by designing decorative rooms or craft items as holiday decorations for the July 4 party.Collect cheap red, white and blue craft items and ask the children to help you make handmade decorations.Determine how you will use the finished crafts and consider your time limit and budget when choosing the July 4 decorative ideas that suit your needs.
By creating a simple arrangement in a high glass cylinder vase, decorate the buffet, dinner or gift table.Use 6 to 12 helium in red, silver and blue-filled, star-The shape of the Meira balloon you can buy at the party supplies store.Place the plastic anchor piece attached to the balloon in the vase so that the balloon sticks out like a flower.
Pour the blue, white and red jelly bean layers into the vase and fill and hide the anchor.Create votives as handmade decorations for evening activities by purchasing White 6-to 8-inch-A high-pillar candle in a dollar store.Measure and cut a piece of Independence Day with a ruler and scissors --The paper of the theme pattern is wrapped in each candle, and the top and bottom are bare 1/2 to form a contrast.
Stick the paper on the candle.
Tie a red bow around the center to finish the decoration.Design paper "sparks" that can be used as decorations and party gifts that children can play.Cut with scissors 4-Square inches of red, white and blue paper towels.
Cut with scissors 3-An inch-long cut is inserted into the tissue with an interval of 1/4 to produce stripes.Stack a piece of paper towel in red, white and blue, roll the stacked uncut edges around the plastic straw and secure them with tape.Let the children shake or blow into the straw.
Practical July 4 decorations such as wine glass charm are designed for adults.Simple line-shaped metal charm like a flag or summer-The theme shape of the line used to make silver circle earrings.Wrap the wire around the pole of the wine glass so that guests can find their drinks at the Independence Day party.
Make sure you only buy one of each charm so guests don't mix their glasses together.Holiday decorations are made and can be used by guests to resist the heat.Make paper fans to help keep guests cool.Cut 6-Square inches of red and blue building paper, two sheets per fan.
Decorate each piece with a sticker suitable for the theme, such as stars, flags, fireworks or dots or stripes in red, white and blue.Paste the back of each card paper onto a woodworking stick or stake using white glue to assemble the fan
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