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patterned tissue paper How to Make Paper Hard

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
More than 2000 years ago, humans found that paper could be hardened to make items such as helmets, furniture and even coffins.This process today is called papier-Méché has become a staple food for craft, making items such as pinata and piggy bank.Papier-The meaning of "chewing paper" is "chewing paper", which includes adding wet paper to the glue solution and then letting it dry.
Once dry, the paper becomes hard.
Hardening a thin paper towel is a bit tricky because when dry, the paper may be separated from the weight of the glue.Fill the container with glue-like solution.This may be an undiluted liquid starch, a mixture of two parts of white glue with a portion of water, and a mixture of three parts of water with a portion of flour or another glue.
Simply immerse the paper in the glue solution.Remove the paper from the solution and wipe the excess liquid.Hang the paper from the clothesline and let it dry.
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