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pink tissue paper 3 steps to summer makeup -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-17
pink tissue paper 3 steps to summer makeup -
Free makeup is required in summer.When you sweat, a naturally beautiful look doesn't stripe.Things with low maintenance efficiency look great on the beach.The trouble is that this carefree nude makeup looks much harder than the painted face.
How did you make up and look like you were born?Take care of your skin from now on.Your body is made up of what you eat and drink.Eat junk food and drink a lot of sweet carbonated water and caffeine, which is what your body has to do.
Your skin reflects your health.
If your body is full of garbage, there may be spots, blockages on your skin, or at least a long way from the best skin.You may get away with it when you are young, but sooner or later, your excesses will catch up with you.Skip the cola.Drink plenty of water, spring water or mineral water.
Buy a bottle of two liters of mineral water, or fill a bottle of two liters of mineral water with drinking water and finish it by the end of the day.If you can't stand the normal water, squeeze a lemon and add the lemon juice to the water to season.This will give your body a chance to clean up the garbage.
Next, reduce the junk food.
Greasy fries and greasy burgers will bring more grease to your body.If you have spots on your skin, it may help if you reduce grease and sugar.By the way, bacteria like sugar, and you can thank the bacteria for the spots that infect your face.
Stop feeding bacteria and keep your hands and hair away from your face and restore your skin.Good summer makeup is the best skin, so the sooner you start, the better for you.Actual makeup now.If you can maintain your skin, it's easy to make up on the beach.
Step 1 -Depending on your skin condition, you may or may not need to cover the conce cream.If your skin is good, just use a colored moisturizer like Bert bee moisturizer to add color to your face.Choose a shadow that is as close to your natural color as possible.
If you have acne, apply a little mask on it with a brush.If you have dark rings, also hide them with cover cream.Use as little as possible to keep your look natural.
Step 2 -Apply lipstick and let your lips kiss completely.Sparkling Soft, rose-colored lips in the sun are the perfect choice for summer...All year round thisYou need a little lipstick to add color to your bare face.
Love beautiful colors like coral, rose or soft pink.The trick is to look in the mirror and look at the color in the lips.Choose lipstick similar to the most natural and beautiful colors.
Draw on lipstick with lip brush.
First draw the outline of the lips with the lip brush, and then fill in.Apply lipstick with a paper towel and apply it again.This will help keep the color longer.On the whole lip, or at least in the center of the lower lip, apply a smooth lip gloss to make your lips look fuller.
Step 3 -Highlight the focus of your eyes with mascaraBring.Your eyes are your best asset.Especially when framed by thick lashes.Since it's summer, buy a waterproof mascara.Make sure you have a good eye makeup remover for makeup removal every night before going to bed.
Prepare a clean mascara stick and separate the lashes.You can wash and dry with the wand of the old mascara, or you can buy a mascara.Apply mascara on your upper lashes.Then touch a little mascara on your lower lashes with the tip of the mascara stick.
Separate the lashes with a clean mascara brush or wand and let the mascara dry.Once the mascara is completely dry, you can apply the second layer if you want more dramatic lashes.The eyelashes after this second coat are also separated.
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