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plastic clamshell packaging companies green their way towards added revenues and ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-21
Big companies and some of the world's most popular brands have taken Green steps for their corporate social responsibility.This is not only to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate climate change, but also to gain further support for their products from the public.These industries have been working hard to help cope with global warming and climate change, and they are now seeking the recognition they deserve.
Their energy consumption has been reduced by at least 3.6% and \ r6 water.Last year, greenhouse gas production fell by 9%.6\rpercent.Cosmetics companies recycle in their systems, avoiding sending 95% of the generated waste to landfill sites or reuse it to generate energy.
On the other hand, clean products company Unilever has vowed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions in its manufacturing business by 25% by 2012.The company is approaching its 2012 commitment as it reduces its carbon dioxide emissions per metric ton of energy/production by 39% compared to emissions in \ r1995.At the same time, other companies also fall into the consumer discretion category, including \ rAmazon.
com Inc.
And Eastman Kodak.
The two companies were praised for their green manufacturing and packaging processes.Amazon, an online \ streaming R shopping company, launched-Last year's free packaging project offered products from brands such as FisherPrice of plastic flap case or plastic free, Mattel and Microsoft-Coated Wire.In addition, Amazon also packs corrugated boxes made of 43% recycled fiber.
Larger items of kitchen appliances and similar items are packed in 100% recyclable materials and made of 50% recycled items.Kodak solar s \ rphoto facilities also help businesses Green by using non-Dangerous recyclable plastic.In addition, Kodak also uses thermal paper that is sustainable from forests.
The photo company has stopped using the molded \ rpulp plugin and bubble packaging.Their dry lab also uses 70 to 90% less energy than the traditional silver halogen photo mini.The material production industry has also achieved sustainable development.
Aluminum producer Alcoa, United States of AmericaA plan has been launched to grow 10 million trees by \ r2020.BASF Chemical CompanyE.It also joined the trend as it was the first company in the industry to launch a carbon balance in 2008.Carbon balance separates CO2 emission savings for enterprise products and procedures from emissions from raw material production and product disposal.
The results show that their products can save three times more greenhouse gas emissions than the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production and disposal of all BASF products.Healthcare company GlaxoL.C.Novo Nordisk A/S also lowered its carbon emissions targets.According to the baseline of 2005, Glaxo Smith \ ris is currently doubling the efficiency of converting raw materials into finished products by the end of 2010.
The the company also plan to reduce energy and \ rclimate change unit sales of 45% 2006 2015 of level on.Novo Nordisk hopes to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions from global production by 10% in 2004 by 2014 by using renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency measures.\ RThe company has also launched the "take action" initiative, which is an initiative for \ rtree-Planting and car pool for staff.
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