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pretty gift boxes cookie gift baskets and other bridal shower favors

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-18
pretty gift boxes cookie gift baskets and other bridal shower favors
It's fun to be a bridesmaid and give you a chance to show your love and friendship.Arrange an amazing bridal shower for your friend and her guests.Distribute some very interesting bridal shower offers they can use and remember the wedding.
Here are 5 ideas to crash you.
In all the laughter, joy, frolic, love, commitment, romance and other emotions, the wedding is about sweets and food.Wedding cake is the last indulgence, but you can't pack a piece for your guests.The biscuit gift box is the perfect dessert to commemorate this festival.
If you want to add a fun and naughty element to it, you can make cookies with suggestive shapes, which will cause quite a reaction.You can pack a teacup with two or three tea bags and add a heart shaped tea bag to make a mini gourmet gift basket.Many variations of this gift can be made by offering different flavors of tea in one basket, or by adding the same taste of tea bag to the Cup.
You can let your guests know what offers, such as "morning Ninja", by putting a small label on each basket ", it may contain English breakfast tea in brightly colored cups or "day dreamer" with white delicate teacup and green or herbal tea, or prepare a Espresso for "Night after night, there is a bag of Daisy sugar in it.You don't want guests to surpass the beauty of the bride, but you want to pamper them.The lovely and useful gift guests must use can be a small nail kit.
It can contain small bottles of hand cream, nail polish and other nail art signed with the bride's initials.To add interesting elements, you may want to cast a few temporary tattoos with the words "Team Bride", "bridal tribe" or any other similar words to express the support and good wishes of the guests.The wedding will remind people of love and make romance better.
Candles help to regulate mood and are therefore ideal for the bride's shower.Candles can also be combined with the letter of the bride and even the initials of the bride and groom.These wax products are versatile in shape, color and smell.
If you want, you can add a beautiful candle stand and complete a set of candle stands that guests can use after the wedding.More and more people are starting to become aware of environmental issues and use their wedding as a medium to make people aware of the cause they love.If you are such a bride's maid of honor, it is a great opportunity to express your support by providing guests with eco-friendly gifts such as a mini herbal garden, or a small kettle full of seed bags of different plants that guests can easily plant at home.
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