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printed cardboard boxes DIY Artificial Grass Monogram

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-30
printed cardboard boxes DIY Artificial Grass Monogram
Monogram is one of the most popular trends in home decoration.This is a distorted personality because the letter combinations can be made in a variety of materials to reflect your personality.In the atmosphere of spring, these monogram covered in artificial grass are both stylish and cheerful.
They are built in cartons that cycle upA real out-of-the-box decoration.Create initial letters of the desired size using word processing or graphics programs.One of the examples is for 11-inch by 17-An inch of paper.
Select the bold font of the sans serif so it will be easier to use.Print out the letter and cut it with scissors.Place the template on a piece of cardboard and track the letters with a pen.
This is a good use for old boxes instead of throwing them out or throwing them into the recycle bin.Cut this letter with a hobby knife, be sure to have a cutting pad below to protect your work space.Depending on how smart you are with hobby knives, you may prefer to use scissors, especially around the curve.
Repeat it and delete the second letter.
You need one in front, one in the back.
Cut suitable cardboard strips at all the inside and outside edges of the letters.The height you make these side blocks will depend on how thick the monogram you want to complete.I decided 3 inchFor curved letters, bend the cardboard at the corrugated.
Make sure that the grooves of the cardboard cut your side blocks horizontally to make these sides flexible.Of course, this is not a factor if your letters only have straight lines, for example, Es and Xs.With a hot glue gun, attach the Side block to the edge of the letter combination.
They should be attached vertically to the surface of the letter, not to the edge of the side, so that the letter combination in front can be installed later.For structural stability, apply hot glue in the corner where the side blocks meet.To help monogram stay upright, stick the rock to the bottom with hot glue and fix it with tape.
Weighted bottom is especially useful for topHeavy letters like Y or TApply the previous piece of hot glue to the rest of monogram and apply the hot glue to the edge of the cardboard.The side blocks are still flexible at this point, so adjust them to align with the front if needed.Turn a piece of artificial grass over to its flat side.
Adjust the letter combination on the grass and track the letters.Flip the letter combination and track the other side.These are on the front and back.Follow where you track, cut the letters with scissors.
You will have a grass letter in the right direction and a grass letter in the back.(Symmetrical letters like A and X look the same anyway.Attach the grass letters to the cardboard base with a hot glue gun.
Hot glue can dry quickly, so it's better to glue a part at a time instead of trying to glue the whole letter at a time.Then stick the "reverse" grass letters to the back.Measure how thick your sides are now.Due to the addition of letters on the front and back, they will actually be thicker than the side blocks of the cardboard you cut.
Then cut the grass strip corresponding to this thickness.I'm about three and a half.Stick grass strips to the side of monogram with hot glue.Work one time.Artificial grass is very tolerant, so your measurements don't have to be accurate in order to get good coverage on cardboard.
If you come up for a short time, you can always cut a small piece of grass and stick it on it.Show your artificial grass monogram indoors or on a covered porch.They also made great gifts, even party decorations, and spelled out the names or initials of the valued guests.
Everyone will agree that creativity is your place
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