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printed tissue paper How to Put Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
Paper towels randomly stuffed into gift bags reduce the positive impact of gifts.On the other hand, creative or clever use of paper towels actually enhances the overall meaning of the gift and strengthens your emotional connection with the person who received the gift.When using paper towels in gift bags, consider using a large amount of paper and the right color to make your gift present as special as the gift itself.
Put a few bags of loosely crushed tissue at the bottom of the bag, and if it is deep enough, it can hold more than 6 or 7 inch gift bags after you put the gift in the bag.If the bag is short, your gift will be placed at the bottom of the bag and only a small amount of paper will be placed below.This piece of paper provides a comfortable nest for the gift.
Place one or two paper towels on a flat surface at a vertical angle, and your gift is placed in the middle of the paper.For bags with two or more color paper towels, place the paper of different color paper towels diagonally on top of each other.Lift the corner paper towels on your gift, collect them, and hold them one by one at the top of the gift until it is surrounded.
The paper towel should be at least 7 or 8 inch higher than the gift, so that it will hide once the gift enters the bag.Put your gift in the middle and in the bag.Gently pull the paper towels open and let them stand up in the bag.
Tie the handle of the bag together with a ribbon and tie the bow on the top or bottom edge of the handle.If your bag does not have a gift card with it, slide a full size card in the center of the paper towel or put a small gift label on the hand-held ribbon
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