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printed tissue paper Unique Candle Craft Tutorial (Using Photos!)

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
Festivals, birthdays or real celebrations are great opportunities to give candles to family and friends.The only downside is that they don't look human at times.But it doesn't have to be like this!You can easily transfer any image to a candle and turn something bland into a decorative item with a lot of personality.
Follow this tutorial to add photos of your family, loved ones and even your favorite furry friends to pillar candles!Use your favorite photo editing software to remove the background of the image to be transferred.After printing, you can cut it off, but if you prefer to save the ink, erase any part of the image you don't want on the candle.Resize the image to fit your candle and cut a tissue large enough to comfortably accommodate the image.
Paste the paper towel onto the printer paper or card with masking tape.Print the image to the tissue side using the card as a stabilizer.If you have any fonts or words in your image, make sure you flip it so that these fonts or words can be read back now.
After the image is printed, remove the tissue from the stable paper and cut it out.Ready to put it on the candle.Place the cut-out image on the candle so that the ink side touches the wax.This means you need to flip your image.Wrap the baking paper around the candle, keep the image in place and secure it with masking tape.
Use the heat source to melt the wax under the baking paper around the image.When you do this, the image is darkened and more prominent under the baking paper.Continue heating until the entire image is displayed.
After heating, wait a few seconds for the wax to cool and then open the baking tray.Smooth down any uneven wax sheet and carefully cut off any larger pieces that may be formed.Now that your image is set, you are ready to put the candle on the stand and use it as you wish!Or wrap it up for that special person.
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