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product branding and packaging what is personal branding? -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-11
product branding and packaging what is personal branding? -
Have you noticed how you are attracted to the beautifully packaged branded products?I have recently been curious about this phenomenon and have questioned the real reason why companies are always re-listedBrand and rePack their products.After thinking, I thought of a few things: 1.Quality: The reason why most people choose brand products is because the quality of the products is "bad ".
Ability to stand out from other places: Eyes-Grasping the brand immediately creates a desire to try.3.Confidence: there is an implicit confidence that if the company tries to brand the product in this thoughtful way, then the company is sure to have confidence in their product.It highlights the need for us as individuals, leaders or small business owners to be aware of the importance of our own personal brand and to do a thoughtful job in creating a brand that truly reflects who we are.
Let's take a look at some people's definition of "personal brand;It describes the process in which people and their careers are marked as brands.It is pointed out that although the former selfHelp management technology is about self.The improvement of the concept of personal brand shows that success comes from selfpackaging.
Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not: what you do and say, or say, how you act, interact, connect, how you do business, whether you are punctual, polite, political, persistent, positive, or professional, all of this illustrates the most important position in business today-the head of brand marketing.No matter where we do business, how long we stay there, how big we are, how many laps we have circled, unless we understand the importance of the brand, we will be left behindLet's take a website as an example.Anyone can have a website.Because anyone can, anyone can.So how do you know which sites can be returned over and over again?You go back to the people you can trust because they provide you with value.
So the brand is a promise of the value you will get.So from today on, you will have different opinions about yourself.You're not a small business owner, you're not a photographer, you're not an event manager.
You are not defined by your position and are not limited by your position description.Starting today, you are your commitment to the value of the world around you.From today on, you are a brand.A personal brand is not something that is created, made, or made.
Personal branding is very simple and is your permission.It's about detecting your authenticity, discovering the benefits you offer, and then communicating with the world around you.It's about being known for making the most important contributions to your specific area.
So, what are the areas where you add value, are confident and stand out from other areas?Source: Tom Peters;Debbie Allen;
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