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rectangle cardboard box how to pack a guitar for shipping by e. lucktong

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-06
rectangle cardboard box how to pack a guitar for shipping by e. lucktong
When packing the guitar for transport, one must be very careful that it is properly fixed to minimize the possibility of damage.The key is to pack the guitar properly in the box so that it can withstand external forces that may occur during transportation and handling.Here are some guidelines and tips to help you make sure your guitar arrives at your destination unscathed.
The safest way to ship guitars is to double them up.The inner box can be a hard case box or a cardboard guitar case with a triangle.The outer box should be a strong pair.Cartons with wallsBecause of the length of the instrument, it may be a challenge to find a box large enough to transport the guitar.
Some carton companies specialize in the production of the guitar case for the 50 Pax x 20 Pax x 8 guitar.Ask your local music store and they may be willing to give you a used triangle box and a suitable outer box from the goods received.Please note the actual size of the box: length, height and width.
These are very important to calculate the shipping cost and comply with the provisions of the shipping package size.Remember, you can always cut the box down if you need it.First of all, ready to ship the guitar.To reduce strain on the neck, the rope should be released.
On the hollow body arch, the bridge should be removed from the top if possible and fixed elsewhere.Newspapers or other padding should be placed between the strings and the guitar body.Some recommend removing the strap button from the bottom of the guitar (especially in hollow objects) to prevent damage when the box is in an upright position.
Next, place the guitar in the inner box (or box) and fill any space with the packing material.Pay special attention to the neck joints of the guitar.This is the most common place where damage occurs.
Make sure there is enough padding at the end of the neck to support the area.Once the inner box is fixed, place a few inches of packaging material at the end of the outer box.Place the box upright, place the inner box (or box) into the outer box, and place the main end of the guitar (not the head end) down.
Now fill the space around the inner box with packing material.In this step, give the inner box some good vibration to make sure that the packing material fills up all the space.Top the box with a few inches of packing material, cut off any excess length of the box, tape it up and you can finish it.
If you pack the guitar well, you should be able to shake the package and not feel anything moving inside.A few words about packaging materials.There are many places to choose from.Newspapers, foam popcorn and foam packaging are the most commonly used.One of the most effective packaging materials I have ever seen for guitar packaging is gift wrapping paper.
If you can get it for a cheap price, it really works well.I hope the tips given in this article will help you to have more confidence in packing your guitar for shipping.Visit www.2 ndstringguitars.Com gets the best value for new and old guitars, factory 2nds and refurbished instruments for cheap guitar prices.
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