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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
Rose is a unique expression of human feelings --Remain elegant forever.Hand-picked roses from the ground are immersed in a magical solution and treated with this special method helps to preserve the most extravagant roses.The highest quality roses are carefully transformed into beautiful and eternal roses.
The entire save process includes-When fresh roses are the most vibrant and radiant, they are picked from the fields of flowers.After that, they go through a process of replenishing water (instead of letting them dry ).This process involves putting them into a mixture made of glycerin and other organisms.
plant matters.
This magical mixture gradually rises through the stem to all parts of the plant until it completely replaces the juice.It takes a few days to complete the save process, and once the process is completed, the flowers are ready or ready to use.The final product we get is a flexible and wonderful flower with a beautiful natural look (soft texture and beautiful shape ).
100% environmental protection technology-Keep the roses perfectly natural in appearance and friendly in touch;It feels like a rose just taken from the garden.Preserved roses still have biodegradable, healthy and 100% harmless properties.Roses are ready to bloom for a longer period of time, or even more than a year, and few people care.
These well-preserved roses are then placed in exclusive boxes, creating a modern interpretation of the Roses and further passing on with simple luxury.These forever roses in the box (single or bunch) look spectacular in any space.Arranged by high quality custom hand madeThe box (which can even be personalized) covered with art material makes it look amazing.
Buying a Forever Rose will give you a company for the next two daysthree years.Specially designed Rose box;The rose arrangement in the box reached a new level of perfection and grandeur.The crystal clear rose Box product is made of transparent acrylic cover to protect the Eternal Rose.
The roses are carefully placed in a carefully crafted box and then placed in a safe box and a sturdy transport box to provide the best gift giving experience.Among other flower gifts, the Forever Rose gift box is the most popular and luxurious gift.In addition, the roses kept in the box are used as luxurious home decorations and gifts.
These rose boxes are perfect for wedding gifts, office gifts and events, or any time you want to express your concern and gratitude for someone.The Rose box is customized and made with timeless roses with a variety of colors, sizes and symmetry.The roses in the box have many unique shapes and styles, such-You can also customize the unique assembly according to your preferences, design and requirements.
If you want to give the Rose box to a special box, you can even personalize the label with your own text and work, and printed gift cards or handwritten ones can be attached.Since the Rose boxes do not require any additional maintenance, they remain at their best for a long time, but there are some things you should not practice --You need to be extra careful because these roses are fragile to wrap in the box because they are dry, watering them will shorten their life.One more thing to pay attention --Away from direct sunlight.
Be sure to pay attention to these things and not lose their charm and beauty
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