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shipping boxes for sale tips on wine packaging for shipping -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-14
shipping boxes for sale tips on wine packaging for shipping -
Wise Wine packaging includes the use of sturdy wine shipping boxes.A good wine box has partitions and you can separate the wine bottles in the box.There are specific boxes that you can buy from the moving company that are used to separate fragile items while in the box.
You can also get wine shipping boxes from local liquor stores.Some people also use carrying containers when packing their wines.Because wine can be heavy, especially if there are a lot of wine bottles, it is better to use smaller boxes if you can.
Putting too many bottles in a box can weaken the structural integrity of the box-Make it possible to be brokenIt is a good idea to add foam wrap or wrap peanuts in the blank space of the wine shipping box.This will help to ensure that the bottle remains stationary and does not move during transportation.Keep in mind that even if the wine box indicates that the contents are fragile, it is possible for the box to be "thrown" during transportation ".
Most transport experts also recommend placing extra tape at the bottom of the box.There are two ways to help.First of all, it helps to prevent the box from sliding anywhere.Second, it provides more structure for the box, making it easier to learn, and less easy to tear.
The tape is great to use in this case due to its strength.When transporting sparkling wine, you make sure that the bottle stopper is tightly fixed to the bottle.As an additional precaution, check to see if the cork is tight on all wine bottles, not just champagne or sparkling wine.
Keep in mind that the wine bottle stopper needs to be kept moist, so your wine packaging should include a way to wrap the bottle horizontally or upside down.Once the wine is in the wine shipping box and safe, you want to put extra tape on the side and top of the box.Just like the tape at the bottom, the tape is a great choice.
We also recommend that you add the word "fragile" in large red letters around the wine shipping box.When shipping the wine box, attention should be paid to the temperature of the transport vehicle.Unfortunately, the wine's reaction to some temperature changes can be bad, such as the appearance, and more importantly the taste.
Red wine tends to fade when the temperature is too low, which can cause flavor changes.Some vans have climate-controlled cargo, which is a great choice for transporting wine.However, climateIt may be expensive to control the van.
At a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, many wines are well done.Red wine and more expensive wine are more sensitive to temperature changes.Lower-priced wines and white wines can better withstand the effects of temperature changes.
If shipping higher priced wines, some wine connoisseurs suggest packing them in containers in the refrigerator.Keep in mind that wine is affected by temperature changes.The best time to ship wine in a wine shipping box is in spring and autumn, when the temperature is not too hot or too cold.
Shipping wine in a hot van that's not climateIt is not wise to control in the summer.Finally, there are some laws and regulations when transporting wine.Consult local national authorities for the legality of shipping wine to and from destinations.
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