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shoe box shoe storage How to Make a Boat With a Shoe Box

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-04
shoe box shoe storage How to Make a Boat With a Shoe Box
Making a boat with a shoe box is a child-friendly craft.The help and supervision of adults is necessary for young children.Decorating with paint, markers or stickers is the highlight of the children's program.
The shoe box boat will be large enough to put dolls or bears in it for imaginative play.Cut the end from one side of the shoe box.Bend the side of the shoe box inward, towards the bottom of the box, and cut into a sharp shape.
Attach the curved and trimmed side panel tape to the inside of the box.Paint or cover the shoe box with decorative paper.Allow the paint to dry overnight before continuing.
Use the old spool or empty medicine bottle to make a seat for the boat.Hot glue making-Believe in sitting at the bottom of the boat.Paint or decorate the seat before connecting it to the bottom of the boat.
Attach a thread or rope to the pin rod with glue.Using hot glue, connect the "fishing rod" to the inside of the shoe box boat.Draw an anchor on a card or stick it to a penny with building paper.
Connect the rope to the "anchor" with hot glue.Connect the empty side of the rope to the bottom inside of the boat with hot glue.Connect the pin to the inside side wall of the ship using hot glue.
Wrap the flag sticker around the top of the pin, or draw a banner on a piece of paper and stick it to the top of the pin rod
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