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shoe box storage scrapbooking step-by-step - free article courtesy of ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
shoe box storage scrapbooking step-by-step - free article courtesy of ...
Interested in learning scrapbooks, but not quite sure how to get started?The guide below will help you start this fun and valuable hobby.The guide explains how to organize scrapbook photos, plan scrapbook items, select scrapbook albums, create album pages, and store scrapbook supplies.If you are someone who has just come into contact with the scrapbook, the idea of sorting out the photos can be a bit overwhelming.
Breaking the task down into the following four sections will help you get the job done: 1) collect photos from drawers, closets, shoe boxes, etc.Take them to a large workspace like a table, 2) sort photos in chronological order and events, 3) label the back of some of your photos, this makes it easy to identify what a particular set of photos is about, 4) store your photos in a photoSafe products until you are ready to put them into a scrapbook album;Product description photo-Safe and/or acid-Free and Woodyfree.Once your photos are sorted out, it's time to plan your scrapbook project.
There are three things to remember when deciding on your first project.First of all, use recent photos to work with photos under one year old so it's easy for you to remember what they are about.Second, select a specific event (E.G.g.From the beginning, instead of solving the photo value of the whole year.
Third, turn photos of the activities you participate in into personal photos;This is very helpful in diary.After you 've decided on your first scrapbook project, it's time to choose a scrapbook album.You need to choose the style, size and design of the album.
Style: two styles for the albumhinge and post-bound;The name of the style refers to how to protect the page in the album.A strap-The hinge album is flat when you open it so you can work on your page and slide a protective case on the page.With a post-Bind album you work on a page outside of the album, then insert the page into the album's protective case after the album is completed.
Size: There are various sizes for scrapbook albums.The 12 \ "x12 \" album is the most popular size, but there are also many other sizes, including the 11-inch x8.5 Pax, 8 Pax x8 Pax, 12-36 "x6 Pax, etc.Albums are usually scalable and vary with the maximum number of pages they can accommodate.
Design: There are many different colors, patterns and textures for scrapbook albums.You want to choose an album that suits your photo theme --White Album for wedding photos, Pink album for baby girl photos, festival-Color albums such as birthday photos.As long as you make sure this album is tagged with photosSafe and/or acid-Free and WoodyIt is OK to use any style, size or design.
Once you have selected the scrapbook album, the fun begins when you create the album page.There are four components to the album page.Photo: select 4-6 related photos and cropping (1)e.
, Trim) each so that it focuses on the most important part of the picture.Then arrange the photos on your album page;Try some different layouts to see what looks best.Border/background: use scrapbook paper, stickers, and other decorations to create a border/background that reflects the theme of the page.
Install borders/backgrounds and photos on the page.Diary: write down who, what, when, where and why of your photo.You can set the title for each photo, write the entire page in paragraph format, or list the highlights using bullet text.
Enhancements: add scrapbook stickersEdit or otherwise decorate your page.Use some enhancements so they praise your photos instead of flooding them.The proper storage and organization of your scrapbook albums and supplies is very important.
Photos and certain scrapbook items are damaged by heat, moisture, light, acid and wood.Use storage products with photosSafe and keep your photo albums and supplies in the temperature and humidity control room (I.e., Not in the attic, garage, or unfinished basement ).
In addition to keeping scrapbook supplies safe, you want to keep them organized so that they are easy to find whenever you are ready to work on a photo album.There is a scrapbook organization product specifically designed to store photos, ongoing pages, photo albums, enhancements, paper, tools, etc.So these are the foundations of the beginning.
More detailed information about each of the above steps, including components-by-How to create a component example of a photo album page, see the complete guide on
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