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shoe boxes for sale How to Make a Church out of Cardboard

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-10
shoe boxes for sale How to Make a Church out of Cardboard
At some point during his or her schooling, your child will come home with a mission to build a building.It could be a mission in California or an old mansion in the UK.Pull out the shoe box directly into the wardrobe.
They are strong and cheap.
Stick them together and even form a hinge part without hardware.With a coat of paint and a bit of clutter, your shoe box becomes a project.Measure the picture of the church and specify a scale for these numbers.
Specify a formula for numbers;If the picture shows 3-A church in inches high so that each inch is equal to 6 inch of the actual cardboard replica.Make a rough sketch showing how many inches per side of the structure to make it easier to cut the cardboard.Measure your box and find the right heightto-width ratio.
Make assembly easier by using the corner of the box as part of the structure.Increase the height or width by attaching extra cardboard to the base structure.Assemble the ground floor of the church using a large amount of solid tape.
Before building the second floor, attach tape to the cardboard ceiling to provide additional support for the top of the layer.After working each level apart, stick them together again so you don't have the risk of dumping the whole structure.Mark and carve doors and windows in the box.
Glue on the blinds cut from the cardboard;Add cardboard trim scroll (if required) and glue to all decorative plates.If a hinge is required for a part of the door or roof, use thick-width tape to allow the part to move.Smooth drywall tape on previously recorded sections to make them look seamless.
Apply the Spackle to the outer wall and give the cardboard texture.If you want the walls of your church painted, decorate a real look with a damp art sponge.Work quickly before the garbage gets dry.Shape the circular part along the roof line using wood putty.
By attaching a line of toothpicks to the inside of the box at the top, attach it to the cardboard, and many types of flat roofs have engraved details (the tip of the toothpick will go through the cardboard ).Hand-Mold the curve and stick it to the toothpick to fix them.Toothpicks will be hidden in the box.Put these pieces together so that they can be mixed with the rest of the structure.
Complete the project by hand-Paint and detail the church with acrylic craft paint and disposable foam brushes, or gently spray the whole church with acrylic spray.Use two or three light coatings painted to avoid paint bubbles or running.Dry between coats.Install the finished cardboard church on an inch thick foam plastic base.
Stick the cardboard to the base with white glue.Complete the project with an acrylic polymer spray coating and dry thoroughly between the coatings
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