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shoe boxes for sale How to Make a Diorama of a Plantation

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-10
shoe boxes for sale How to Make a Diorama of a Plantation
The plantation is a large area of farmland and is usually designated to grow a single type of crop.Tea leaves, banana trees, rubber, pineapple, cotton, sugar cane, coffee, tobacco and corn plantations, for example.If you are building a stereoscopic model of a plantation, do some preliminary research to understand the specific crop you will represent.
A stereo model is usually made in a shoe box or other similar container.Reuse materials from around the house and use some ingenuity to make components for your diorama.Use your own ideas to create your model, but be sure to follow the guidelines if it's a class assignment.
Create a rough plan for your diorama on a piece of waste paper.Study the crop you choose or are assigned to find out what it looks like on the ground, the medium it grows, whether there is any spacing between each row of planting, whether there are any social or historical factors that need to be included.For example, if you create diorama for cotton plantations in the southern states in the medium term1700, you may visually describe the issue of slavery and include a large white manor mansion with pillars.
A rice plantation in Southeast Asia may include a hilly landscape of liquid rice fields.Banana plantations will include tropical trees, while corn plantations will include dense crops with high branches.Select a box for your diorama.Shoe boxes are often used.Diorama Man recommends choosing a box that symbolizes your diorama theme, such as using a tea box if you are creating a tea garden.
Use tempera Paint to draw a landscape background on the back of the box, or draw a background on a piece of white paper and paste it to the back.You can draw blue sky, sunrise or sunset.Stick the cotton ball on the cloud if you want.Cotton balls can also be used in cotton crops.
Create crops with building paper, card paper or air-Dry clay.If you are using a paper product, draw or track the image and cut it out, leaving a label at the bottom that you can fold to erect the image.If you are using clay, mold the item and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
If needed, add hills to the landscape by rolling up waste paper or newspaper balls and covering them with paper towels, magazine scraps or building paper.Glue all the cuts to the plane of the diorama box.Stick the shortest item in front with the highest item in the back.
Add accessories to your diorama, such as a farmer's Manor made of plastic statues, a stock of cards, and local birds made of modeled clay
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