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shoe boxes for sale What Back to the Future II got right and wrong about 2015

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-13
shoe boxes for sale What Back to the Future II got right and wrong about 2015
When Emmet "doctor" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) took us to a world that we all wanted to explore, 1989 had passeddrying, quick-Try on clothes and other cool inventions that didn't look ridiculous at the time.If a 1980 sports car, DeLorean DMC-12 to be exact, it is possible to bring Marty McPhee (Michael J. Fox) back in time, why the 2015 does not look like the cross between The Post-80 nightclub and the post-80 nightclubxa0Star Trekxa0Yes?It also seems very far away.
But now that datexa0October 21xa02015-xa0Right here.What it might not doxa0Back to the Future IIxa0Although it hasn't been sold widely yet, it's still cool and priced at $11,500.Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk took a trial ride on the Hendo hovercraft and successfully floated about 2 times.
5 cmxa0Off the ground.
The only problem is that he has had to keep it on a specially designed metal surface since it was usedxa0Magnetic fieldxa0Oppose each other and float with each other.However, the chief executive of the companyxa0Henderson said the technology has the world-Change the potential of "will change the way we see traffic.Now that the hoverboards rank high on the list of fans' wishes, there is hope here.
It's never that far to call someone you can see.Has appeared in numerous futuristic films.Now, thanks to the emergence of Facetime on Skype and smartphones, video calls have become part of the norm.
The disadvantage of this technology is that it is plagued by an outdated technology.Looks like a day, so it hasn't replaced a simple phone call, or a very popular text message, but ifxa0Going back to future II \ predictions about cosmetic surgery come true and it's impossible for any of us to look bad again.We're still experimenting with Google Glass, which is actually a computer in the eye lens;Hanging out through Google, it behaves likexa0Back to the Future II \'sxa0Marlene McFly answered a phone call with her glasses.
Iris-The recognition technology (similar to what is seen in the movie) is already in use.At present, some government agencies and major companies have adopted iris scanning for authentication, such as at the airport, which allows passengers to cross-border without having to show their passports.Applexa0It is reported that the company is investigating its use in the consumer market, which has introduced fingerprint technology as an entry point for smartphones.
When it comes to television, the bigger ones are always better, and it seems like a reasonable agenda to take the cinema home.So it's not surprising that from now on TV technology has been trying to make this dream a simple realityWhether it's a plasma or a LCD TV, and now a smart TV, there are outdated flat-screen projectors.Marty McFly will be proud.You may need a second to think about where the drones appear in the movie, as they are most often described as combat machines in sciFilm, but when bullying Griff tanen (Thomas F.
Wilson) and his gang were arrested after they stormed the court.xa0USA Todayxa0The drone was taking pictures of the newspaper there.Drones like this already exist and have become more and more popular in the United States in recent years.
An organization called the Professional Association of Drone JournalistsThe remote-controlled helicopter drone for aerial photography starts at only $400, which is very affordable.The argument can be made that, to some extent, microwaves have done this and dehydrated foods have been widely used.But we haven't experienced a roller coaster yet.
Insert the pizza-sized disc into the black and double-layer food faucet (used in the movie) to make a large, delicious, hot pizza, which is enjoyable.When there is water replenishment technology,xa0Food quality is still a problem that can only be solved by molecular gourmets like Heston Blumenthal.Currently dehydrated foodxa0Still something dedicated to hikers, where food is necessary, not fun.
Without a solution to the energy fuel crisis, we still face the idea of jet propulsion cars, so their role as micro-aircraft has not been solved yet, imagine road charges!Let's face it. they will be a hindrance, not a solution.When it comes to energy, producing permanent energy through nuclear fusion with a convenient portable device is the holy grail of energy solutions, scientists say.
Unfortunatelyxa0As the meltdown at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant remains in everyone's mind, nuclear power has recently been negatively affected.The idea of using nuclear energy every day at homexa0There is still a long way to go for cold fusion technology, and it is not very popular.Although Doc uses a regenerative mask that is a basic type commonly used by women around the world (just not having the same extraordinary effect ), this is a comment about the replacement of his spleen and colon, which is out of sync with our time.
Although cosmetic surgery and improved body image are a big problem today, the medicine has not yet approved an organ transplant for entertainment, hoping to remain young and unlikely to take into account a large number of livesPreservation of surgery and lack of organs.While alternatives using bionic materials are in practice, such as in the eyes and ears, it is impossible for Biff to feel uneasy about his seemingly superficial bionic implant "short circuit.While creating a spin in the post-80 s fashion is currently taking off, selfLace up shoes and selfiesNo sizing clothes have been developed yet.
Although Matty's tops are made by Nike, Nike still dominates fitness shoes, arguably fashionThe prototype shoes of the film are not yet available.In 2008, Nike made "Hyperdunks", which is inxa0Back to Future II.The only fabric development suitable for the film is Marty's dress itselfHe fell into the water from the hovercraft and dried up.
Although none of our jackets say "dry mode on ".The jacket is dry \ "and a set of Blower is activated, we do havexa0Intelligent materials that already belong to themselvesdrying.While the film has successfully predicted some fairly developed technologies, it was still overemphasized in the 1980 s --Basic technologies like fax machines and public phone booths.
Since the number of phones and fax machines around are part of office printers and scanners, it's hard for you to find a public phone today.It may have an impact on our society, but the number of people joining the legal Brotherhood does not seem to have slowed down, and it looks like it will never happen as the law is introduced.Still, hearing the doctor tell Marty: "The justice system works quickly in the future, because they have abolished all the lawyers, and it all makes us chuckle.
Although the Internet is a good supplierto-The date report on the weather and its forecast is still wrong.Efforts are being made to improve the measurement of weather movements, but in the pouring rain it is almost impossible for us to hear the doctor say, "wait another five seconds!\ "The rain stopped at the prompt
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