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silver tissue paper how to care for your jewelry -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

...Or better title is how to keep the jewelry clean.After twenty-Having worked in the jewelry industry for five years, I conclude that everyone needs to go on a trip to their favorite jeweler every year to get their jewelry professionally cleaned.I suggest that at some point in September, you know, when the kids go back to school, you can use a mid-Drink a glass of red wine when someone does something for you.Remove tartar sauce and sunscreen thoroughly, and after the jewelry returns to its original shine, you can follow three simple steps to make sure it stays brilliant for a few months.Simple Step #1.Make sure your jewelry is the last thing you wear at the beginning of the day, and the first thing you take off as soon as possible.Make-Hairspray, deodorant, and perfume are toxic chemicals that stain your pound, so leave your gems to the end.Detergent and pool/hot tub chemicals eat gold and platinum, so take off your gadgets every time.Simple Step #2.Create a soft and protected place to store your jewelry.I mean the soft thing.I'm not referring to the little cup next to the sink.Due to friction with other gold jewelry, the gold jewelry quickly became dim, and when left out in the open, the pound jewelry quickly oxidized.Drawers, boxes or baskets do this, but be aware that sometimes wood, cardboard and plastic are treated with chemicals that react with your metal.Hanging earrings and necklaces on the wall can make it easy for you to find and choose them, but it's like wearing a metropolitan jersey in a Philadelphia match, make it easy for your boyfriend to pick you from the crowd or from the crowd.Disadvantages seriously affect the advantages.Simple Step #3.Rinse and dry the jewelry if it gets dirty.That said, if you make a delicious meatloaf on Sunday and Monday, find enough ground beef under the diamond to feed a family of six ...... Take off the ring, soak it in warm water (baking soda can be added) and wipe it with a sun cloth.Just like the earrings you wear during your 8-hour fishing trip or bracelets that match the tennis skirt.Take them down and rinse them as soon as possible.I don't recommend using a toothbrush, but if you do, make sure it's the softest one you can find.As I said, a once-a-year tour of jewelers will not only make your jewelry look new, but will also help to keep the gems safe, the normal work of the card ring and the EarlineThere are other options waiting for you;If you lose an earring, maybe the one left can be copied or modified to a pendant.If you have a pair of earrings (post & nut) and you like the back of the French (loop), then many earrings can be converted quickly.If you have a monster design from 1980s, it can be disassembled and reassembled into bracelets, earrings, foot chains and pendants ...... All of this is ready for Dear daughter-in-law!You may well have collected some precious items belonging to a relative who is no longer with us...Or maybe something from someone you don't really like right now.The jewelry does not need to be placed in the box.Let's take it out and get creative.
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