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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

Do you want to pay tribute to your mom or grandma on her birthday or other special occasion?One of the best ways to do this is to create a grateful vision committee or a tribute committee.Tools to improve mother-daughter relationships. Many of you know that visual boards are a collageType display, you can create by cutting the picture from the magazine and installing it on the poster board.But be truly respectful of your mother, or try to build a stronger connection between your mother and your daughter or son.This is a great group program for kids and dads or other family members who can work together to pay tribute to the female "mother" in the family.Thanksgiving Committee-A project that really thanks your mom for all your contributions to your life is to create a great project for your own birthday or special day in your life.Many of my clients have told me that this is a great rehabilitation exercise for parents and children in separation or divorce.Again, the Thanksgiving board can be simply cutRepresent the outs of those things or activities in your life that you want to honor your mother for doing or becoming.In addition, it can be used as a road map to improve your mother-daughter relationship or mother-child relationship.In the process of creating a Thanksgiving board, you will want to see those events, activities or memories that are most meaningful and fulfilling to your mother.They can be small things like when she puts the bandage on her bruised knee, or the song she sings while she's sleeping, or even playing board games.One of the ways to remember the best times ---Yes, even if your relationship with your mom is unstable, or you feel that there are a lot of things in your life together that need to be forgiven or solved, it takes some time, make a list of the good things you bring to your mom.In my group work, there are always grown-up children coming close to me and saying they can't find anything in the past to honor their mom.Other times teenagers are so upset about their current mother-daughter relationship or mother-child relationship that they don't see the last quarrel they might have with their mom.This is the help of past pictures.When you're still a baby, check out photos of you and your mother holding you, even old family videos.It could be the smile on her face when she wrapped you in a blanket, or it could be the first time she looked at the laughter you heard when you sneaked into the pool.You want to savor these little moments, because it was created by a few minutes, hours of development and days, and of course the sand in the hourglass of our lives.Watch a video or a home movie, or browse past pictures by your side with a small notepad or tape recorder.Alternatively, you can use your phone for hat purposes, or call yourself, or take a snapshot of what you see on the screen.When you do this, write down the positive words that appear in your mind, such as "Smile", "Love", "care", "inspiring", "Well --Meaning \ 'and more.Be sure to create at least five or six of these keywords or power words that will guide you in designing a visual Board or the rest of the Thanksgiving collage.If you really can't find any positive moments in your past relationship with mom-Then, when a less positive word appears in the mind, the opposite word is used.If you remember that your mom is angry or unhappy with you or your life, and then change this feeling of frustration to acceptance, warmth, or care, and use these words as one of the stepping stones to solve the relationship with mom, grandma and even great grandmother.Some of my clients have found that even if their mother has passed away or they are being separated by miles or breaks --In all their other relationships, divorce or divorce can also be very comforting, even inspiring.Highlight power words or keywords. You can look for the words in the magazine and remove them from the title, or you can add them to your poster board in a very cool font with colored pens, color stands out from the crowd-If you want to be with your mom or when you are remembering your mom, it may be beautiful violet, bright pink or golden brown.Make keywords or power words big-But they are not necessarily all designs of the same color, the same size or type.Some can be scripts, some can be written in color flash glue such as silver or gold.Others can write with a felt marker.Continue to follow these steps to actually create your vision board or be thankful to organize.1) go back and collect some photos of you and your mom over the years, either real photos of falling apart in the old photo album, or scan some of the photos you may have framed.Or find pictures in magazines or online that represent the positive experience you want to create or the memories you want to get from the past.Remember that time is only the invention of human beings.In fact, the universe is eternal, you canBuild the best relationship anytime, anywhere.2) Check your supplies.Make sure you have the following on hand-A) posterboard--If you don't, you can use the inner cover of the bulletin board, corkboard or box, which may be the robe you play with mom on Mother's Day!The inner cover of a beautiful box-For the creation of the visual board, it is almost like a shadow box.You can also use the old shadow box on your hand.3) If you work with your family or siblings or even work directly with your momCreate a "better relationship" board together and you can collect some colored markers or crayons to create together.Yes, even if you are all adults.Remember to brainstorm some of the happy times you spent with your mom ---Here are some ideas a) go out for dinner or gardening with mom or make holiday cakes and cookies or even some of her favorite activities ---Playing the piano, holding you as a baby and even finishing her first marathon.4) paste the picture on the colored paper in the birthday box you gave her, or paste it on the colored paper towel (pink, green or yellow) that you wrap your robe ).You can fix the paper in place with tape or glue.If you want to double the tape so it doesn't see the pieces of the tape.Or, you can use glue if you don't have tape.Or, if you don't mix a little flour and water together, it will form some glue for you, just use one of its points with care so it won't show through.But if so-Don't worry, you can cover it with your child or your sticker or small design.5) If you are not ready to revisit some of the memories of the past, or your relationship with your mom is a bit unstable from the beginning of gratitude ---Respect your mom's traditions and her life-Including photos of her mother and grandmother.A copy of the map of the state she was born in or her family from Mexico, France or Hungary.Including photos of your mom over the years.-Photos (or copies of photos of her childhood) or copies of wedding photos or photos of her holding the first grandson, etc.This memory vision board is perfect for mothers in hospitals, nursing homes or assisted life, where her roommates, visitors, nurses and waiters can see her mother who is in the golden age.This is a wonderful project, and can also be done while you and your siblings are doing surgery for your mom, even when the child is with dad, when the mom is born at the time of giving.Arrange the power words first, then add some pictures, then continue to add some decorations, such as s stickers, or even your old hair bow or hairpin in the past, or after dipping the finger paint to taste the memory, you will put your hand print or thumb print on it with your mother when you were a child!Then add your affirmation.It must be a positive statement from this moment on how you want your life to be.You can look for affirmation on the internet, find some affirmation that suits your feelings, or you can add a quote or a line of mom or grandma from a poem or song that suits you to express your gratitudeDon't worry, the board may be an ongoing project.Remember to take the time to post or even frame your board and put it in a prominent position in your house or office, or even in her hospital or auxiliary living area.If you want to keep your motherboard private, you can scan the motherboard in your local copy center to create a wallet-sized version for each of your siblings, or an office drawer that is placed in underwear or locked for privacy.But remember to look at the blackboard every day because it is actually the best map to createThe possible relationship between you and your mom, which will help you to come up with the best possible view of the relationship.For more information on creating a visual Board, visit www.visionbord.Information and register a free newsletter about the creation of visual boards.20 pages of vision board--Or see an extra free section to answer questions or comments about creating a visual board for special occasions like Mother's Day, please contact author Joyce Schwartz directly.Com or joyceschwarz on Gmail.For more free instructions and sample visual boards, please register for a free newsletter at
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