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silver tissue paper long-term storage of precious antiques

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

In the UK, the definition of antiques is any item 100 years old or older (in other countries, this definition may be different, while in other places, items that are only 50 years old are usually described as antique years old or older ).But no matter what the correct definition is, we all know that antiques are old, and the fact that they may be very delicate items.On the contrary, they can also be very strongMuch higher quality than similar products recently produced.They may be very valuable items depending on their age, rarity level, source and conditions, so if you plan to place them for a long timeTerm storage, then you will want to make sure you keep them in a state that will keep them valuable.Long-Term storage in selfStorage units may not be a perfect location for your precious antiques, but sometimes you have no choice-you may move abroad for a period of time and move in for rent, furnished accommodations or refurbished homes are available.If you are particularly careful with your antiques during packaging, shipping and storage, then there is no reason why they can't stand the test unscathed.1.Always use acidWhen packing exquisite items, free paper towels to prevent the chemicals in the packaging materials from damaging the items due to long contact.2.Protect the outer layer using thick cloth, foam packaging, or cardboard to prevent bumps and impacts.3.Clean all items before storage but make sure there is no cleaning product residue.Each item should then be covered to prevent dust particles that will settle over time.4.Save the leather with a suitable leather protector to keep moisture.5.Treat wooden items with a suitable wood conditioner to prevent moisture.6.Remove heavy items as much as possible to prevent unnecessary pressure on joints and legs, and then pack and store each part separately.7.Very fragile items such as glass and porcelain should be packed and then stored in a rigid container to increase protection.8.Carpets and Other fabrics should be protected with a layer of acidFree paper towels and cotton dust sheets.Avoid folding them, but scroll them if they can't be flat.9.Unglazed paintings should be covered with a layer of acidThen use cardboard or foam padding to protect free paper towels for very valuable items.10.The glazed painting should cover the glass with adhesive tape (if the glass is broken, in order to protect the painting below from damage), and then wrap it with foam packaging and cardboard.11.Antique Silver is always prone to discoloration, but this is not a permanent damage, and once removed from the warehouse, the items are easily polished back to their former glory.However, by reducing the contact with the air, the amount of discoloration can be reduced, so each silver item is tightly wrapped separately with cotton cloth, and then with non-Foam packaging and other absorbent outer layer.Because the moisture in the air can cause damage to various materials, especially wood, fabric, metal and leather, minimizing the moisture in the air will keep your antiques in good condition for a longer time.If your own storage unit is not climate-controlled, invest in a dehumidifier to protect your valuables in addition to self-protectionstorage.
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