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silver tissue paper Paper Staining Tutorial

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

The depressing and stained paper of the art project is a great way to make interesting paper and recycle items that may eventually be landfill.If you're involved in changing art, mixing media collages, or any type of vintage crafts and combinations, then you might want to make some interesting papers for your art project.Below I'll give you a list of some of the basic items I use, a step-by-step tutorial on using a variety of household items.Prepare explanations and photos of finished paper for artistic creation, which will come soon, some art samples created with these very same paper.Throughout the tutorial, I will also introduce you to the sources of great materials, sources of supply for additional artistic creations, and finished art works created by artists including me.Thank-You love this tutorial very much and I hope you will love it and find inspiration for your production.Be sure to leave your comments at the bottom of this article.I would love to hear from you.I use a variety of home products to get the results of my page and many familiar products and basic tools.The various sheets I use include: envelopes, text pages, white paper and cards, shipping labels, paper towels, napkins, filters, paper towels, paper bags, fabrics, curtains, cupcakes however, you are limited to your imagination and I will let you know them in the process of thinking about others.But it's easy to improvise: a few flat baking pans, a roll of paper towels, brushes, sponges, containers for mixed paint, spray bottles, you'll see other items as the tutorial goes on.Slight warning: you may have an amazing desire to drink coffee, eat vanilla and cinnamon cookies, so I suggest you eat something that is enough to satisfy your desires at work.As a disclaimer, there is no control over the supplies, the paper used, the skills, the level of understanding, etc. to guarantee the final result of any type.I can't be responsible for the papers that were created, and I can't be responsible for the personal safety of the papers you created.In other words, you are completely your own, responsible for your own results and safety!Using about 2-I put a small spoon of instant coffee in a small container and add some hot water to dissolve the crystals.The amount of water depends only on how much light or dark you want, I probably used about 4 tablespoons, so it looks like a thin syrup or instant coffee.Then add a piece of paper to the baking tray and I spray it gently with water enough to get the baking tray wet but not in the water.I used a brush to apply some coffee mixture on the edge of the paper.Don't worry about perfection. we are painful!The edges will begin to bleed to the middle of the page, resulting in a good dyeing effect.I then hold the wet paper with a paper bag (not shown) as the ink-absorbing paper.You can fix and apply wet parts using wax paper, paper towel newspaper, etc.Make sure you don't let it dry completely on another piece of paper, if this happens, just wet two sheets of paper under the tap and gently pull it apart.On the next page, I completely covered the coffee stains even on the page image.After I took out the second piece of paper, there was spilled liquid in my baking tray, so I absorbed some excess liquid with paper towels.Normally I like to use a two-layer heavy tissue for this purpose, but I only have thin towels on hand today.You will fall in love with this piece of paper because your artistic creation is easy to use and the color of the paper towel is also good.When it is completely absorbed, be sure to spread it out or hang it up reasonably and move a little before it is completely dry so it doesn't stick to another piece of paper.The next piece of paper is a crumpled tissue. In fact, it is a small piece of paper wrapped in oranges in the box.(Yes, I saved and used everything) wet again with a little bit of water and then brush the coffee stains.I then added some coffee crystals to the spot to get a stronger stain.Bake in the oven now.......Joke lol but now you will definitely want those cookies!This made great miso paper and I stained the gift label on Christmas day as there was a wonderful lasting smell under the tree.You can use a variety of spices and spice extracts to mix into your file to get a variety of scents.If you intend to print on these sheets via a printer, be sure to wipe any cinnamon dust particles when drying.I sprayed more water to help the paper absorb the plug-ins and then applied it with paper towels to capture the excess and get more paper towels dirty.The effect of dark crystals is very good.This is a recycled paper bag ready for dyeing.I apply with a spoon and then with a paper towel.This has different effects.The soaked paper towel is perfect for getting into the corner support of the bag.The last piece of paper I used to absorb the remaining liquid in the pan.Flipped on both sides, not completely covered.I may go back to the article in other ways later.Note: If you want to dye deeper, just leave a lot of coffee for paper absorption.The longer you leave it, the darker it will be, and using more crystals and less water will make it darker.However, this will make the less water you use, the more brittle your paper will be.Experiment while walking!The 2nd section of this tutorial shows more coffee paper dyeing as well as the choice of powder fabric dyes.There are various powder fabric dyes on the market, and I show a couple in the picture below.Use a powder dye similar to coffee, just add with a teaspoon and then add some hot water.I like to mix and apply liquid dyes with spritzer bottles.The color I am using is a purple-red pink shade and I have sprayed some on the text page in the middle.Because the combination of pink and brown is very popular now, I make the outer edge with coffee stains.Because the pink dye has wet the paper, the coffee fits nicely into the other color.Once it dries, it will be the most popular piece.Here are some stacks of paper dyed with coffee and dye solutions.You can buy doilies at your local party or dollar store, with little need for anything, or you can paint them with vintage collages in cute colors.I 've put the quilts on the other page to dry and don't leave too long or they stick to the paper.If they stick to it, run and release under the water.Ink-absorbing paper is just another book I saved from the landfill.This is a big book page so I use them over and over for my dyeing items and eventually they have all sorts of stains and then I use them for my art.This is a victory!There are more paper towels here to absorb.The work will have a combination of two colors and once again become the favorite paper.These small candy baking paper is very good for dyeing.Their size is perfect for sketching out a small picture in a collage.The next one is a heavy natural cotton cloth.I stained the edges with coffee, sprayed them in the center with pink, and then sprayed them with more water to move and mix the colors.Although it doesn't look quite like it right now, it's my favorite 2nd pieces of work in this tutorial (yes, one is my favorite ).Not only is this fabric interesting to work on in the project, but hopefully it will also scan the paper printing well.When it is dry, the color of the bleeding becomes beautiful.Coffee filters are very useful for coffee and other liquid stains.Yes, I do recycle from the old recycling.They are very durable paper even when wet.Usually, they leave a slightly transparent look on another collage sheet.This is another style of coffee filters that occupy a large pocket in altered art books, and today, after it gets dirty and soaked, it will serve as coffeeThis is the recycled paper bag I stamped with coffee ink.This will dry with subtle stamp patterns and lovely aromas.Used as gift bags, add-onsOn your revised book project, or store some small pieces of paper.Here are a few envelopes waiting to get dirty.Please note that a reply email from some business.I save them and create some other use for them.The small envelope will be used in a book.I dirty the inside with a paper towel.Sometimes the glue on the envelope is loose and you may have to re-There is glue in the fold.It's a good idea to open the envelope or put some plastic in it so that the sides don't stick together.The next dyeing is done using tea bags.I used the tea I had already made, so nothing was wasted.Teabag paper is as strong as a coffee filter, so I use it like a sponge to apply any humidity on the paper.You can use the new one or add boiling water and produce liquid stains.The color is not as strong as the coffee dyeing, unless you make the items in the tea mixture steep for a long time.Soak the lace, ribbons and small pieces of fine cloth and work well with the tea.Next, I cut the tea bag and took out the tea when the tea bag was wet.Ideally you should wait until they are completely dry.Believe me on this issue!Once the tea leaves are removed, the paper is dry.These make incredible, very durable little pockets for art books and collages.They need extra ink dyeing and stamping.Then sprinkle the tea leaves on the soil of the indoor plants.You will also make the plants happy and have great little art pockets to use!Oh yes, if your tea bags are wrapped in cute little paper bags, also save these bags for your art project!Don't forget that the little thumb paper string holder is a great ephemera!;Back to the coffee stain, I stained some of the shipping tools and hand made manilla labels.For future projects, these will be contaminated and plagued by ink.This is the last part of the three-part tutorial on frustrating papers.This section will give a brief introduction to other techniques that you may be interested in art projects.The next picture is an envelope that has been dyed and dried.I have a bottle of olive oil and a paper towel soaked in oil, and now this is the ink pad for my rubber stamp.I stamped a pattern on the paper envelope with a rubber stamp.This will soak on paper and leave a translucent mark on the paper.When your item is thoroughly soaked, be sure to put it somewhere to sit.I like to leave it until the evening.After using the oil, be sure to clean the stamps.In addition to cooking oil, another option is to use essential oils to create a lovely floral scent.Rubber stamps made with new napkins and some bleach are the same as ink.I used some black cards and printed the pattern on paper.Although it is wet, there is no change, but when it starts to dry, you will see the pattern of bleaching.It does take some care to use full-strength bleach and be sure to work in old clothes.Try spraying paper with a spray bleach product for a cool spot effect.The next one, I drop the remaining bleach on one page, and then press the other on the first sheet to absorb the excess bleach.If you are a fool of many mediums like me, you may have a few bottles of acrylic paint almost dry.When the bottles reach the finish line, I know they are likely to dry up before I use them, and I will add some paint extenders or water to make liquid color stains.This is great for cleaning an item or wiping the entire color on a text sheet.Gold or any metal paint color is perfect for cleaning your items.I used a gold tone mixed with water and brushed it on this coffee stained envelope.Although you can't see it in the image, the envelope is full of very beautiful golden spots.I'm ready to clean up my desktop at this stage, so there's nothing left now.I first stained the paper in black and then brushed some copper metal paint mixed with water on it.In fact, I spread it out and threw away everything I left behind and sucked them all up!Here are a few laid flat and dry paper towels that are beautiful in color and I can't wait to use them, yes, pink towels are my favorite today!But I also have black and copper on me!LOL who knows!When I wipe and stain other items with this last tissue, it is under the maximum pressure and I will keep it as it is and I will use it once it is reinforced for size collage.This is also an example of why I like 2 layers of paper towels best.Two layers of towels can be pulled apart when it is completely dry twice!The three parts of the frustrating paper end here.I hope you will find this tutorial useful for your art project.Below, I will show you a sample of the finished product of the paper created with this tutorial, as well as some finished art projects using these works.Ink-absorbing paper that looks very distressed!Total Accident!The impression of a round ring comes from resting an object (bowl) when wet ).In the next section, I will focus on creating some finished art with this sad piece of paper.Coming Soon!If I inspired you anyway, if you created any art for this tutorial, I would be happy to hear from you!
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