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silver tissue paper ***recommendations for keeping your jewelry looking brand new

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

Most people cherish their jewelry very much.They wear it proudly, pass it on to their loved ones, and even insure it.But do they care about it every day?Simple everyday wear will stain the jewelry.It is exposed to elements, rubbing oily skin and getting dirty by cosmetics, food debris, etc.That's why, at least, you should regularly wipe your jewelry with clean, smooth, 100% cotton.This is especially true of jewelry you often wear-such as wedding rings or watches.Sterling silver jewelry quickly deteriorate when exposed to air and light.You can wrap it in thin paper and put it in a sealed plastic bag to slow down its shine.If the jewelry is dirty, wash it with warm water and mild liquid soap and let it soak for a few minutes.If the stain has piled up, you need to clean it carefully.Keep in mind that silver is soft and easily scratched or sunken.If it has a serious stain, use a soft cloth and a non-worn silver cleaner.When you run out of nail polish, rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clear water.You don't want to leave any residue on silver or any gem.Be sure to dry the jewelry thoroughly before storing it in plastic bags.Gold jewelry also needs to be careful.When you clean or use a product that contains bleach, don't wear a ring, bleach will destroy the metal and damage the surface.Other products that damage the jewelry include songfat, ammonia and transgender alcohol.Instead, try to cushion your gold ring back to its original gloss with a new jeweler's cloth.If it doesn't work, take it to the jewelry store for professional polishing.It can come back and see the brand new.Ultrasonic cleaner is a great choice for some gold jewelry.These cleaners are well done on diamonds and harder stones, but should not be used with pearls, opal and other softer stones.According to the Mohs scale used by the jeweler to measure the hardness of the mineral, the diamond is the hardest stone with a grade of 10.Ruby and Sapphire are nine;There are eight kinds of emeralds and yellow jade;The price of Eagle net, tourmaline and quartz is 7.In the Mohs class, the softer stones include coral, lapis lazuli, Opal, turquoise and pearls, Grade 6 or lower.When it comes to pearls, try to avoid applying perfume or hair gel to the pearls, as this may cause a change in the color of the pearls.You should wipe the pearls clean or wash them with mild soapy water.Do not use grinding cleaners on them because they are easy to scratch-and do not store them in sealed plastic bags.To make sure you don't lose any pearls, you should string them up every few years because the line will extend and break.If you have vintage costume jewelry that is special for you, it also needs special care.Store it in a soft bag to keep the dust-Even dust can cause it to deteriorate, which is free.If an antique is dusty, wipe it with a normal window cleaning solution or mild soapy water.Never put the clothing jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner or immerse it in the liquid, because the back of some jewelry is not designed to get wet.For example, the foil backing on some rhinestones may be damaged by liquid.If the garment has corners and gaps, use a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab with a window cleaner.As with silver jewelry, make sure your costume jewelry is completely dry before you put it in a soft bag because moisture can hurt it.If you pop a stone out of the jewelry while cleaning or wearing clothing jewelry, you may be able to re-attach it yourself.You need a tube.Needle cement G-Nose.Clean out the glass that pops out of the stone and make sure all the old glue is gone.Use tweezers to make sure the stone fits the empty cup.Take out the stone and put a little cement in the Cup.Let it set up for a minute and then re-insert the stone.(Of course, if the gem falls off, you should take it to a professional jeweler for repair.) Another way to make your jewelry look very new is to store it properly.Don't throw your jewelry in a drawer or even a jewelry box where it will run into other pieces.Jewelry boxes in various compartments are the best.They help protect each piece.But if this is not possible, store the jewelry in the box it comes in, or wrap it up with a jeweler's paper towel and put it in a small bag.If you take care of your jewelry, it will last you for more than a lifetime-it looks as good as the day you got it.
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