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silver tissue paper Romantic Weddings on a Budget: DIY Wedding Decorations and Ideas

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Abandon expensive planners and create your dream wedding on your own ---Yes, this is possible!No one will know that most of you do it yourself.Create a rustic, romantic and retro atmosphere with simple and cheap items such as Mason jars, fabrics, linen, frugalityStore treasures and so on.Here are some beautiful and inspiring wedding decorations that will surprise your guests and save hundreds of dollars for your honeymoon!Create these beautiful pom-Affirmation of multi-metal oxygen salts!All you need is paper towels, flower lines and hanging straps.These paper towels can be added to the indoor ceiling, hung on a tree, or made mini pom-Use them in Mason jars instead of expensive flower costs.Hanging line lights and light fabric around PomPoms implements a similar look to the look in the photo above.Click on the picture to view this simple tutorial.The biggest part of the wedding is the real wedding!Make sure you have beautiful aisle decorations that make the bride shine.My two personal favorites can create anything, linen and hemp rope!Who knows that such a simple texture can participate in such a luxurious event?Tie linen on the top ridge of the Mason jar and hang them firmly on the crossing chair for a beautiful and cheap aisle decoration.Place the flowers and fresh water in the jar, just like the picture above, and look down the aisle with ease and romance.* Tip: fake flowers, pebbles, or LED tea lights also have a big alternative.* Tip: you can switch the linen of the ribbon or fabric with a color that matches your wedding theme.Create unique table numbers by drawing the specified number or letter on the old bottle.Get creative and name your table with jokes or pun you share with your loved ones or friends.Another big hit in Do-It-You are the product of the blackboard.Create your own blackboard chalk table center by painting old wine bottles with blackboard paint and voila!--Personalized and simple table numbering system for all guests!Add candles to the bottle as pictured above, and your dinner reception will also have great lights!Use the free print form provided online to number the form, as shown in the above figure.In this example, a free printable is used and then placed in a frame.Please make sure that free print is also used in the invitation, card and food/beverage settings.If you 've been keeping an eye on the latest trends in DIY, you might notice that the Mason jar project is all the rage.The candles lit by these Mason cans are no exception.Just wrap the Mason jar with the hemp rope, ribbon or material of your choice.Fill the mud tile with 3/4 water and ignite the water-Proof to light the candle and allow it to float in the center.If you are worried about adding real candles, please add LED tea light candles without water.These masons are made for beautiful and simple central works.The center decoration adds a hint of romance to any dinner or wedding reception.When it comes to the central piece, I prefer the classic retro look.This can be achieved by simply wrapping around old jars, wine bottles and other decorative glass decorations.To achieve the look shown above, simply wrap the old glass bottle with a hemp rope, add fake flowers or real flowers, and splash water, jewelry or pebbles to make your table look natural.I am very fascinated by the core setup of the old bottles and tin cans as the center piece.This super cheap design not only looks romantic, but also adds a touch of nostalgia to the table.Just find the old tin cans and bottles and wash and wrap them well with hemp thread, lace, ribbon or silk shiny fabric.Add fake flowers or real flowers between the center of the table and put them in a string.* Tip: to create a more modern look, apply these bottles and tin cans in silver, white or gold.Create a unique bar and drink setting by using old barrels, cabinets and windowsHandmade shops, flea markets, and even your grandmother's attic create a beautiful bar area.Another dramatic and retro example, old tin cans, cans and knick-Gadgets found in thrift storesLeave them as-It is for the feeling of the countryside, or painted in gold or bronze for a more modern look.Holiday (or real flowers) in these jars and jars to create a beautiful drink station.Visit the local Michael or crafts store and decorate your beverage station with woven baskets, decorative stones and jewelry.Add a layer of fresh blackboard paint to the board and create a personalized drink menu that looks super retro.Just add the ice and your favorite beer to the old trolley and see the real vintage bar look.This is a perfect addition to the country style or retro style bar area.Put the decorative straw in your bar with the Mason jar as a cup.Place labels and pencils in your drink area so that each guest can personalize his/her drink.For eco-Conscious couples, paper straws and Mason jars are the perfect choice for ecologyConscious weddings and couples as they will reduce the amount of trash and plastic used at your party.Classy and eco-friendly!Nowadays, a big trend of the wedding is the photo booth and interesting props.You can make your own props, or you can buy all kinds of props online.Choose a prop that matches your wedding theme or photo background.The most popular items are beard, sunglasses, lips, hats, etc.* Tip: take some old photo frames from your local thrift store, draw them a unique color that matches your theme and add them to the photo for more* Tip: take some old photo frames from your local thrift store, draw them a unique color that matches your theme and add them to the photo for moreAdd some LED tea lights or fairy berries to the Mason jar, hang them in your wedding reception area and enjoy the romantic lights.Hang the mud jar on a rope or hemp rope to create a classic rustic style.Now, this is a great twist on the regular string lights.Add graffiti to the string lights to create a romantic illusion of floating lace.Who knows that such a cheap multi-functional fabric can be used in a luxurious environment?Decorate the wedding terrace with linen or use it to make a little simple retro on the bridal bouquet and feel the romance of nature and country.Use linen and lace to create a low-priced table player!Simple glue or ironOn the lace on the edge of the linen, create a look that adds romance and nostalgia.Try a simple linen cone with flowers and ribbons to give your dining room chair or table a great touch.Or hang them next to the entrance or fence.These are very easy to make and look like things in the storebought!The back of the chair at the dinner/reception is made of burlap cloth, adding a classic vintage and chic look in a cheap and beautiful way.Be sure to make your guests have a good memory of the good times they have spent.I like the food I can eat.You can share or keep the food back home...Because to be honest, these sweets will definitely be used better than your typical cigar and Matchbox party.This is a list of my favorite and cheap DIY wedding decorations.Remember to go to the local flea market to buy some good things and buy a lot of linen and clay tanks;The possibility of decoration is endless.But keep in mind that there is no budget for making these beautiful decorations.Let your Martha Stewart take over and try these crafts for yourself or the brideto-be friend.Not only will you save money, but you will be satisfied by knowing that you have created something beautiful for such a person and for a long timelasting event!Cheers!P.S.-I would love to hear your favorite decorations and inspiration.Leave me a message below!Find great deals on decorations through eBay!
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