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single cardboard boxes Change life's routines and find a rich pattern

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-09
single cardboard boxes Change life\'s routines and find a rich pattern
Pros and cons of moving.Pros: You can live in a new house.Cons: You pack your life into small enough cartons to lift up.You move just to take things apart in the next few weeks that you don't know why.No matter how many labels you put, you still lose things.
You will clean two houses at last.
If you have children, multiply the inconvenience by the number of children they stick together and turn-All the fingers.In the next few months, you will start a lot of inquiries from family members, "…" Where, for a strange time, you don't know which house to call home.Hey, move.What upheaval.But when you find the position of the toothbrush, you have tested the water pressure, sat down and ate a few meals, and listened to the cries of the birds around the neck of the woods, at the end of one thing and the beginning of another, there was a sigh of satisfaction.
I was there.
Life is beautiful, I can say.
God is good.
I praised the man upstairs for the exciting things he did in my little family life.But I digress.I want to add another "pro" to the list above ".Of course, there are many other positive factors in moving.
In particular, it gives us the opportunity to look at our family habits.We made a big decision.Reduce the TV to a colder, smaller and more comprehensive levelRound, less comfortable rooms in the house.It was not in the living space and our lounge was crackled by firewood.
Basically, we have done it, so watching TV is a deliberate decision, not a habitual idea.At the end of each day, numb exercise in the partition --Very attractive...But not very good for gray things and relationships.
The experiment proved successful two weeks later.We are reading a book.We are having a deeper dialogue.We give eye contact and focus.We are doing more things.The challenge made me wonder what else I would miss due to blind patterns in my life, as I have not poked those patterns and urged them to stand the value test.There is a passage in the Bible that mentions patterns.
"It's not in line with the pattern of the world, it's changing through your mind update.What does this mean?Perhaps the author is encouraging us to surpass the mentality of group ants.There must be a motive for transcendence --Embrace the greater realityIn my opinion, this also gives people a question mark under the post-modern premise that human life itself has no value and value is subjective.
Book 12: 2 of Rome is a poem that begs the reader to run away by simply opening his heart to God.It takes a lot of courage to try a new thing, but when we get to the end, will it be better to say "I'll try it" than to say, "I wish I had it...\"?The end of this sentence is, "then you will be able to test and approve the will of God --His good, pleasant and perfect will.
It may be difficult to understand, but God has a "good, pleasant and perfect will" to your life ".We are not just another group of ants for him.We each matter.One of my friend's daughters was diagnosed with milk addiction around the age of five.
Once she had a proper diet, she became a child.Her whole character has changed and she is able to express the changes in her body.To put it simply, she has not yet realized that it is not normal to have persistent abdominal pain.
Life has a certain rhythm, a momentum that is difficult to derail.But what if this push prevents you from getting the freedom you have never experienced before?What happens if you have a stomachache and don't even know?
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