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single cardboard boxes Letters to the editor, July 17, 2018: Your say on traffic plans, church sales, and gambling

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-09
single cardboard boxes Letters to the editor, July 17, 2018: Your say on traffic plans, church sales, and gambling
I agree with Veronica Henderson's comments on the inappropriate development of the leading tourist route and the Launceston Center (Letter dated June 6 ).Since the existing businesses along the linsai Street dikes have been cleared to make way for the new dikes, the Launceston City Council has allowed inappropriate and unattractive temporary developments, except for the new Silo hotel area.Traffic bottlenecks between the two bridges are unacceptable, and new plans to ease congestion are likely to exacerbate traffic bottlenecks between inverme Road and Goldridge Street.
What is needed, although it is too late for inverme, is a committee to develop long-term plans for the rapid expansion of our city and to avoid causing the congestion that taxpayers will bear.Taking a hands-The unfair approach to business advice does not match the best interests of the community of Launceston and visitors.Selling 78 churches will not only break the hearts of loyal customers, but will also destroy an invaluable part of Tasman's cultural heritage.
Damage from victims of sexual abuse needs to be recognized and compensated, so commercial assets are sold.Church-Anyway, for generations, the church has been the cultural, spiritual and social center of the state of tazhou, a place of worship and ritual, gathered as families, recognize our loved ones at birth as the last resting place, marriage and death.A sacred place.The beautiful church of All Glory is just a number on the balance sheet.
These churches and important parts of them can be changed, renovated, dismantled and destroyed to some extent, and their presence as vivid examples of our historical, traditional and social values.The flow of graves or their managers next to privately owned residences will not be without controversy or will have huge economic and social costs.Perhaps reconsider their use (if it's just a building) and rent them out to charity.
It is in our interest to preserve the beauty of our town in the form of churches, stained glass and artifacts, gardens and buildings, and many tourists flock to visit our historic Street View.When our church is open to the public, it is easier for us to imagine the history of the colonies and convictions.There are many reasons why people are addicted to poker machines, one of which is the excitement and excitement of winning, the surge of adrenaline in the brain, and the possibility of quick access to economic benefits.
Others overcome loneliness through gambling and participate in social activities involving other people.This is for others to escape from their physical, emotional or economic problems.I 've also heard of other people who start playing poker machines after a stressful day of work because it can relax them.
Poker machine addiction can develop in a very short period of time, especially slot machine players will suffer a loss of money because of the quick end of the round, at the same time, the temptation to continue playing increases due to the need to continue playing. they quickly lost money.Gamblers need help and support from family and friends.If the addict person does not receive adequate treatment, they may turn to a crime to pay the debt or consider themselvesharm.
This repetitive habit of gambling on poker machines leads to financial difficulties, personal andxa0Social problems of many Tasman people.On a sunny Sunday afternoon, my family and I went to the Peppers Silo Hotel for a lunch.It was great to see all the elements of the architectural design carefully planned.
This is such a wonderful addition to Launceston, and even more involved our local producers and manufacturers in such an icon.The federal government must carefully consider Hong Kong's $13 billion acquisition of Australia's largest gas pipeline network.based company.This will give foreign investors a 60 share of the market as a whole.
As a political reporter bluntly said, "Don't let China's long arms touch our key assets ".Of course, it is not difficult to see that if we want to maintain a high standard of living in Australia, we need to maintain wealth in our country.The Foreign Investment Review Board should not turn a deaf ear to the call to prevent Hong Kong from bidding for our gas pipeline network, otherwise the locally owned gas supply could become a pipeline dream --literally.
The end of singles-It is a good start to use plastic bags, but what about the bags that replace plastic bags in the supermarket?They are thicker, so they will last longer, but the problem is that they are often used as a singleuse bag.Now, we see them where they should not appear, like the roadside, in the water, stuck on the fence.What should we do?So far, we should all know that this is wrong, but in fact, the day to ban all plastic bags will be a good day for the environment.
Cloth or paper bags are the only way or carton to pack our groceries
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