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slide open boxes kraft DIY Chicken Coop: It's Not as Hard as You Might Think

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-04
slide open boxes kraft DIY Chicken Coop: It\'s Not as Hard as You Might Think
Before you knew it.You may choose to buy a new or old chicken house that can cost more than $300, but the cheaper one is small so you can't have more than 4 chickens-That's too tight!You can spend more money on a bigger egg, but this goes against the purpose of raising chickens for cheap organic super healthy eggs.Building your own chicken house may give you more rewards, which is not as difficult as you think.You need to map the design before you start building.
You can look for free designs online.
There are a large number of coops and designs submitted by free users.Some people have more information than others about how to build a chicken house, and none of the ones I see have details like cutting lists or parts lists.You need to create a design based on their picture.
You can also purchase designs through books or online websites.The purchase plan should detail everything needed to build the chicken house.We studied the different chicken house ideas and drew the look of what we wanted the chicken house to look like.
We used photos of the construction stages of other coops to see where our brackets should be and how to protect our frames.The exact material you need to make the chicken house obviously depends on your specifications, but I can tell you how we used to let you know what is needed for the job.4-6-2-Pre-cut Plexi-Our chicken farm consists of a 4X5 feet chicken house and a 4X10 feet run.
We first built the 4x10 feet frame and then built the actual chicken house on top of 2 feet legs so the chicken can run under the chicken house.The whole unit is about 6 \ 'high on the side of the chicken house and the door side is less than 8 \' high.Save time and Wood-To save money, we removed an old shed and used the wood for the project.
-My husband does door and window work around the basic frame of the chicken house.The door was narrow but we had to clean the chicken house several times a year and it worked very well.On the left-Hand side, roof extends to laying box-We haven't built yet--Provide additional protection from elements.
We added a corner brace to provide stability and attached a wooden pile made of 2x 4S to secure the unit to the ground.Crunch time?Maybe you 've got the chicken before you have a house to let them live, or the project is longer than you think.For whatever reason, you may find yourself needing to put your feather friend in the chicken house.
Fortunately, the chicken house does not have to be fully finished before it can accommodate your new flock.The following tips will help you bring your flock to their new home right away, giving you more time to complete the chicken house.Build the basic frame of the chicken house and erect the walls, cutting holes only for the vents and doors.
If you plan on working windows around the basic framework, you can add them later when you have time.If the hen is not old enough to lay eggs, so is the egg box.If wild predators are not a possible threat, run around with shredded chicken only 2/3 metres below.
This will keep the chicken and your pet inside until you can start running.Obviously you will want to save any pruning work to the end as this can be done with the chicken inside.Finally, start with the easy-to-manage section.
Make the chicken house livable.
Chicks can live in the coop for a week or so until you build their run.Once the chickens can run, lock them out of the coop for a day when you add them in several windows.Build the frame for laying the box and cut the plywood wall into a suitable size;Then, lock the chicken again and add it on the laying box.
We built our chicken house with 4x10 feet in the first place.When we're done, we'll add another 4x10 feet run to the right, create a closed doorway in the second run, allowing us to lock the chicken out of the coop, or run according to the need to maintain, clean or introduce new chickens to the flock.Cheap Plexi-Take good care of the chicken houseEven in winter, the use of removable plexiglass will light upglass panels.
You can buy it in advance.
Cut from many hardware stores and adjust the size of the window opening accordingly.A simple gap window frame can accommodate plexi-The glass is in place while allowing it to slide on and off.By reusing projects that we already have, the cost of the entire project (excluding the second run) is about $200.
We took down an old unused cabin and reused almost all the wood and vents.We found some small side siding and an old screen door that we could reuse as well.Using plexi-Glass sheets, we were able to create open windows for about $15 per fan.
Finally, the vinyl flooring we use is the Peel and tiles left from our mud room."It's great for you," you said, "but I don't have an old shed to tear it down.\ "It's time to think outside the box.Do you know anyone?What if you offered to remove someone's old shed and you kept the wood?You can advertise in the newspaper or craigslist that you are looking for wood.
Maybe someone else took things apart or bought too much material and was willing to give it to you for free (or at least fairly cheap ).Instead of vents, cut long sections at the top of the wall and cover them with shredded chicken.Cut out the window and cover with shredded chicken and connect the plexiglass instead of the glass windowglass or ply-Pieces of wood for window glass.
If you raise chickens in the suburbs, the hardware wires can be overkill.Use tight chicken lines around the third around the bottom, and run and cheaper chicken lines around the top 2/3 s.Fenced in backyard, no pets?Consider the freedom to arrange your birds without running at all.
One final note.
Rushing to get the job done, cutting corners and finishing the chicken house as cheaply as possible can be very tempting, but an hour or a penny saved today may mean spending a few days and dollars tomorrow.Take the time to get it now.Spend a little more money than you planned, you and your chicken can enjoy a chicken house in the next few years
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