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slide open boxes kraft Tips Maintenance Shop Organization - Maintenance Cruz

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-03
slide open boxes kraft Tips Maintenance Shop Organization - Maintenance Cruz
I have seen many stores in different states, from carefully organized to cleaning up grease pits.I can say from experience that no matter how rough and dirty the work is, organization is definitely the way forward.I don't accept excuses for this because I think it is inevitable to organize and cleanin-Professional and safe.
As a store manager or leader, you have the responsibility and authority to keep your store in order, and there are not many demands, and it should really be natural.I want all the technicians to feel the organization and cleanliness of the work area as I do, but sadly they don't.I'm not saying that all the technicians are lazy because there are a lot of organized professionals out there.
I'm not saying I can't make a mess, but the person who knows how to get the job done in an orderly manner while controlling the mess is a professional.When you do a large piece of work, there is a simple flow, stop to clean and reset and proceed.I love working until I'm ready to go to another stage and take the time to sort out and restructure my tools.
I find that a small break will refresh your mind, body, work area, tools and parts.During this short interval, when I push a broom, I often have a little time to think about my project, and many times I come up with better methods or steps to save time.I am refreshed, I have a clean area and I have a safer area and now I am ready for round 2.
Another bonus is that the chaos is always manageable, so if I get called away, it will keep the area in good shape soon until I come back, and it's easier that day at the end.This article is about the organization of the repair shop, but there is a reason why I started with work cleaning.If technicians don't keep trying to keep their own projects clean and orderly, then the way they look after them in the store will bleed.
You can 5S on one side and on the other, but it doesn't matter if the technician doesn't care.Also, the store is a common workplace and I feel that it is very unfair and disrespectful for a technician to leave his mess to another technician to handle it.Sometimes this is inevitable, but I want to do everything I can to control it and try not to pass on the mess as much as possible.
I don't allow the idea that if a technician extends his work all the way to off hours and lets him skate while cleaning up, it's a major annoyance for me.When organizing a store, I think some initial priorities need to be identified.First of all, I think space and availability should be considered.
Need to develop a well thought out layout with common sense in each round.Just like putting all the thread tools in one location, this is also a great place to do thread processing with enough space.All processing tools need to be placed in the computer room, and the machine needs to be put there in order to have enough space to work.
The more areas you divide the better, the basic 5 s.It is important to consider the location of the cleaning materials to facilitate cleaning and workflow.Your people should never be looking for cleaning supplies and they must be ready at any time.
This is one of the best points of the 5S and I highly recommend that you post cleaning supplies out loud to make a statement and it will send the right message.Ventilation and dust should also be considered carefully.This is one area I see lacking in many stores, even organized stores.
Somewhere, someone did not take into account the welding and grinding dust that migrated to the bearing rack, which is not at all like the bearing that is covered with grinding dust.I used to see a welding station leaning against a shelf with spare motor drives on it and everything covered with conductive dust.I saw a processing area on a nearby shelf that threw the chip into the opening of the reconstructed pump, unlike the metal sheet in the pump.
Think about it carefully, what happens if I put my chemical parts cleaner close to my electrical test station, there's nothing better than a flammable solvent in the same room where you might generate an arc.Don't laugh because I have seen all these situations.I noticed that these odd pairs are mainly due to space constraints.
Somehow, if enough thought is put in, a sensible setting can be implemented.It may be simple to use high curtains as dividers to help limit an area --Products migrated from other places, while also increasing the organizational factors of the store.Weld in your own curtain environment with ventilation, dust \ smoke collection, all welding tools and all cleaning supplies.
Curtains are a very good, relatively cheap alternative to building walls, but if you have the resources to build a specific room for a specific feature, it's more powerful than you.Another 5S favorite is the shadow board with a hanger and a painted shadow for each tool.How do you know if all your tools return to your store after the contractor leaves, or just get thrown under the bench every day or all into the toolbox, simple, you don't know.
When you buy a 48 \ "pipe clamp for $250, it's nice to know that after the end of the work, you can check on the shadow board to see if it's back home, no, you can start the search immediately.The organization makes it easier for all the people involved.It's easier for technicians to find what they need, which adds to the workflow and makes it easier to clean up.
Tool inventory becomes very easy for managers, and it becomes very easy to find out who is taking care of the store.When you can slide open the drawer in the toolbox and immediately see that the tool is not in its special position, you can ask it now instead of finding it has been missing for a long time and now you need it.It is a good idea to arrange an organized area for your technicians to store the projects they are working on.
Many technicians will have multiple items that they have removed and are now waiting for parts that need a safe place to wait and not be disturbed.This is another annoying thing and I don't think professional technicians should lose parts.Anything that a technician participates in should fix each part in a plastic sealed bag, sealed box, or other safety method.
The personal project area of the technician should strictly prohibit anyone from contacting.In order to improve the work flow and cleanliness of the maintenance shop, there are many things that can be done.A clean shop is running better and organized to reduce stress to a large extent.
This is something that needs a lot of work in the beginning, but if it is done right, it will always pay off.Organizations can turn your technicians into orderly machine surgeons, which is the technology that really shines.I also promoted the idea of tools provided by the company and no technician toolbox on site.
The technician's toolbox messes up your store, blocks precious space, is a great place for your professional tool to end, and in general, it repeats the same tool over and over again.Also, the technician's toolbox is a hassle to get into the workplace and is even more awkward when they need to leave
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