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sliding drawer box How to Repair a Broken Sliding Drawer

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
sliding drawer box How to Repair a Broken Sliding Drawer
If your silverware drawer loses its luster, it starts to flash when you pull it open, and it may need a new drawer guide.This small gap plastic piece keeps your drawer on track.You can buy a replacement at the local hardware store.
Take out the things in the drawer.
Gently pull the drawer beside the handle until it goes down from the track (see ).You may need to lift the drawer above the track or press the release lever to release the drawer.Turn over the drawer and find the drawer guide.
Look for small semi-circular or square plastic pieces located in the center behind the drawer.Check the condition of drawer guide rail.If the guide is in good condition but is just loose, please tighten the screws and replace the drawer.If the guide rail is fixed in place with a metal nail, replace the nail with a solid small screw.
If a replacement guide is required, proceed with Step 5.Screw down the old drawer guide rail and buy an accurate replacement.Position the new drawer guide in place to match the existing screw holes in the wood or cardboard drawer with the holes in the new guide.
Tighten all screws and fix the guide rail in place (see B ).Don't tighten the screws too much--You can open the drawer.Slide the drawer gently back to the drawer track.
If the wooden strip at the bottom of the drawer guides the sliding drawer instead of the steel track, tighten the screws that hold the wooden strip in place.If the old one is worn out, you can buy replacement strips of drawers at the hardware store
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