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small cardboard jewelry boxes how to find age appropriate toys for children

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
Good memories of childhood usually remind me of my favorite toys.The favorite of childhood is a cute doll, colored crayons, or a special carriage.Toys bring great happiness to children, but they are also valuable learning tools.
Exploring, pretending, and sharing are just some of the important skills children develop while playing.Toys don't have to be too expensive.Cartons in the backyard and measuring cups in the bathtub are the most popular standards.But parents who do want to buy toys may find it helpful to know what toys children of different ages should choose and what toys to avoid.
Each child is unique and has its specific development model with a different way of cruising in the milestones of physical, mental and social development.Babies and toddlers learn about the world through their senses.They are interested in the sight, sound, smell, texture and taste of things.
Objects or toys that can be squeezed, dropped, poked, twisted or thrown will definitely cause happiness.Toddlers also like anything that can be stacked, dumped, opened, closed, pushed or pulled.Toys are essential to the physical and mental development of infants.
Toys have a big impact on your baby's personality, so it is important to pick them carefully.In the past few years, children imitate adult activities with imagination and actively participate in sports games.Their body develops in harmony, and at this time it also lays the foundation for printing and writing.
Preschool children learn by doing it.
They are busy developing new skills.
They like drawing, drawing and building.
They also spent a lot of time pretending.
Dress-Most like to wear clothes, pretend to play and puppets.Preschool children are energetic and active.They need big balls rolling and throwing, trucks pulling and tricycles riding.
School-At this stage, children learn how to get along with others and the adult world about sports, games and careers.They develop intellectual and social interests, build strong friendships, like and dislike.School-Older children feel more mature.Like activities that lead to "real products" such as jewelry, "designer" T-Collection of shirts or stamps.
They also have a strong interest in sports and like to have adults --Sports equipment such as softball gloves, tennis rackets or skates.They have a better understanding of the rules and like to play with others.Board games, cards or dominoes teach math concepts and problemssolving skills.
The age of the child rather than the level of activity is the main factor in choosing the right toy.Toys should not promote a single idea or concept;Instead, they should improve their creativity and thinking ability.Toys and games are also important for children to learn and practice logic and problems --solving.
Toys that can play in many ways can be used as great educational tools and support the overall development of children
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