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small electronics box how to create a great electronics logo design for your ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-30
small electronics box how to create a great electronics logo design for your ...
Whether it's a small electronics store near you or a big company you're trying to build, you'll need a brand logo to differentiate you from your competitors.But it's not as easy as it sounds.You need to create a satisfying blend of colors, images and effects so that it creates a lasting impression in your audience's mind.Wondering how you can do this?Let's take a look at the brief guide to the images, fonts and colors you should use in the design of the electronic logo: 1.
What images can you use?Use pictures that remind you of your technology.This does not mean that you use images that define your business directly, as this is too obvious.If you open a store that sells TV, then don't use it in your business logo because it looks unimaginative.
A good idea is to use images to subtly define the functionality of your product.For example, you can use your company to initially package in an electronic structure that is designed to be vague and can describe the speed.You can also use the molecular structure of your trademark, the circuit board, the metal hand holding the globe, the metal DNA design or the image of the robot eye.
If you want your design to work out of the box, then you can also use images of fish in your monogram.The simplicity of this creature will be a pleasant contrast to your company logo.2.What color can you use?Use vibrant and representative colors of technology.
A common color commonly used to represent an electronic product is blue.In addition to this, red, green and black are also popular colors.When using color, make sure that if a bright color image is used, the neutral or white background is maintained.
In any case, do not use a shadow or gradient background for your badge.3.What effect can be used?If you want your company logo to stand out, then you should also use the stand out effect.You can use effects like 3d, origami, or origami that show that your logo is the latest in fashion while giving a sense of fashion and sophistication.
What font can you use?For electronic logo design, you should use the font that shows you professional and skilled to your customers.The most appropriate font is straight and thick.If you use script fonts, then your monogram may look innovative, but it also looks informal and unprofessional.
In badge making, leave the imagination to the image and make sure the font is correct.In conclusion, don't be afraid to use a little creativity on your badge.This is the exact feature that helps you stand out from the crowd.
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