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small jewelry gift box How to Gift Wrap a Necklace

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-27
small jewelry gift box How to Gift Wrap a Necklace
Jewelry like a necklace is hard to wrap because it is small.A full-The size gift box is too big to crush the necklace or even lose it.When you buy jewelry as a gift, look for creative ways to wrap the gift.
The gift wraps the necklace with something traditional or completely unexpected.Put a small piece of cotton wool on the table.The batting serves as a protective backing on the necklace to prevent the jewelry from being scratched or damaged.
Place the necklace on the cotton wool and wrap the necklace with cotton.Fix it with a small piece of tape.Set the cotton-A necklace wrapped in a small gift box, such as a necklace specially made for jewelry.Once you put the lid on the box, wrap it in a shadow or wrapping paper pattern.
Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the box.Put this small box in a slightly larger box.Wrap that box in wrapping paper of different colors and put it in a larger box.
Keep putting the box in the bigger box and wrap it up until you have a bigger gift to surprise the recipient.Skip the cotton step and put a small piece of ribbon on the necklace.Clean glass bottles thoroughly, such as wine or champagne bottles.
Throw the necklace into the bottle and keep a short ribbon outside the bottle.Insert Cork and package as usual.The Cork keeps the ribbon in place to prevent the necklace from falling off.Pass a ribbon through the necklace and slide the ribbon over the end of the empty tissue roll.
Connect the ends in the middle of the stand together and tie the tie.Fill the tissue roll with scraps of paper and put a few pieces of tape at each end so as to prevent the scraps from overflowing.Cover the roll with wrapping paper
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