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small jewelry gift box How to Make a Box From Cardstock

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-27
small jewelry gift box How to Make a Box From Cardstock
Organize small items on your desk or slide a small gift into a special box made of small cards, rulers, scissors and glue.You can even personalize and decorate your box with stickers, paint, markers and sequins, and you can add a matching top of the box.Make your own box to color youCoordinate your storage or giveaway.
Cut a 6-Square inch card.
This will make 4-Square inch box 2 inch deep.Measure 2 inch inward from the edge of the paper and draw a straight line.Repeat on the other three sides of the square.
Score by putting the bone folder on each and folding the paper over plastic.You can also use your ruler at this step.Crease lines with bone folder.Fold cut running from the left edge to the opposite direction.This makes a 2-Seam and label in inches.Repeat it so you have cracks all around you.
Apply the glue to the back of the label you made.Refill the left side to the center of the card and press the left side label to the inside of the card to start forming the box shape.Repeat the remaining three corners.Let the glue dry completely
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