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small jewelry gift box How to Make a Gift Box From Cardstock

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17
Here is a simple box with a folded lid inside which you can make out with card paper.Only a few simple cuts and folds.I use a card of 8 "by 10" and it produces a box of 3 "by 4" and 1 "deep" 1/2.Once you have mastered the basics of pat, you can easily make products of other sizes.
When marking the fold line with a pencil, please mark it gently.The line is inside, but some lines will still show if it is too dark.(For the photos, I have darkened the lines so it is easier to see.
Take your card, start from one side and mark a 2 \ "line from the length edge of the card.Then make another line on the other side, 2 \ "from that side \".2.Next, do a series of lines parallel to the short edges.
Start with a short edge and make a line 1 \ "from the edge \".Then draw another line from that line, 31/2 \".The next line will be 1 \ "for the last line, and then you will need 31/2 \" from the last line \".
Finally, mark another line 1/2 \ "from the last line \".3.Now draw a line 1 \ "from the long edge, parallel to the Front 2 \" line, only between the lines that make up the first 3 1/2 \ "space, with both sides4.Finally, mark a 1/2 \ "on each side tab \".
Follow the template and cut only along the lines marked in red.I use an x-A sharp blade, but you can also use scissors.Discard cards marked "x.6.Fold the card paper carefully along each black line and fold it well.
(Depending on the thickness of the card you are using, you may have to rate it gently.) This makes the rest of the process easier.7.Bend the straps at the bottom up and fold them in the label on the side to make them parallel to the long side.
Then bend the next 1 \ "bar in the same way.8.Now fold the side, fold the first 1 \ "bar on the side label and put it inside the box.Do one side at a time.I put a little glue on the side strip and pressed hard to keep the box tidy.
Cut off the corner of the top flap so that the label can fit neatly into the box.10.Finally, fold the top down and fold the flap 1/2 down.And the gift box of your card Library is also completed!You can decorate it or keep it as it is.
Try a different kind of card or add a bow or draw a design on it.Have fun!
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