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small jewelry gift box Ideas for Cigar Boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-27
small jewelry gift box Ideas for Cigar Boxes
Once the last cigar is smoked, the cigar box is not useless.You can find cigar boxes built with materials such as wood, tin, aluminum, plastic and cardboard.Because of the tramp art and advertisements depicted above, many of them are collector's items, you will want to save them.
Otherwise, cigar boxes can be recycled and modified to suit a variety of purposes, especially if they are made of durable materials.Put your most precious jewelry in a cigar box.You need to line up inside the box with felt or velvet fabric to protect the jewelry and the box itself.
Use small wooden strips to divide the inside of the box into compartments.If you are lucky, you can find a small plastic organizer that can fit perfectly in the box, but doing so may sacrifice some of the appeal of the original box.Because the design of the cigar box is very diverse, you will definitely have oneof-a-Nice jewelry boxCigar boxes can be used for many organizational purposes.
Because they are wide enough to hold pens or pencils, they became great table-top organizers.If you add compartments inside the box, you can use it to sort items such as paper clips and thumb nails.The cigar box can also make a unique sewing box, which can accommodate lines, needles, thimbles, etc.
The art of redesignThe purpose of the cigar box is to create a Cornell box, a display box that uses everyday items for artistic presentation.The great symbolism Joseph Cornell made the boxes famous and used to store everyday items and souvenirs.A box like this symbolizes jewelry with plastic ice cubes.
Another jar filled with colored sand symbolizes the gold powder in the Mayan temple.To create your own Cornell box, line up inside the box with felt or velvet and stick your souvenir inside the box.The last decoration of this miniature display case is a piece of glass.
Of course, your box doesn't need to be as symbolic as Cornell.You can use it to save anything you want without making an artistic statement.Music lovers may like to turn a wooden cigar box into a guitar.
The cigar box guitar, a symbol of poverty, was created during the Great Depression by children and musicians who wanted to create music but did not have the money.A guitar neck chord is attached to the cigar box, which is a common guitar.Nowadays, cigar box guitars are facing a new trend of pop, with workshops and websites dedicated to this hobby.
Cigar box is creative recycling gift box.
You can decorate the outside of the box, personalize it for your gift recipient, or leave it blank if you wish.Add jewelry, glitter, magazine clippings, and more to create a fun and unique gift box.After the box is decorated, fill it with small gifts such as trinkets, photos and even cash.
The gift recipient will be impressed with your creativity and has a nice box to store his own souvenirs
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