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snap shut gift box How to Package Bath Bombs

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-13
snap shut gift box How to Package Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are a mixture of salt and harmless chemicals that bubble when put into bath water.According to the basic formula, bath bombs can be produced in batches at home.A finished bath bomb can be packed into a single person or group, stored for use at home, or decorated as a gift.
It is a matter of personal taste to decide which packing method and finish is best for you.With so many different options, the only limit is creativity and budget.Place a single bath bomb in the wedding cake offer bag and tie the end with a ribbon or closed sticker tag.
Cake bags are available in crafts and bridal shops and are the perfect size for small bathtub bombs, and it works perfectly when part of a new bride shower gift.Roll the finished bath bomb with aluminum foil and turn off the top twist.You can add a piece of wire to bring in a complementary look or keep it simple.
In any case, this is a sparkling cheap way to pack bath bombs.Place a separate bath bomb in a colorful tissue and twist the top.Add a curled ribbon around the twisted section and pack paper towels of different colors into the gift bag.
It will be very effective if you have many bath bombs of different flavors or colors to pack.Wrap bath bombs using transparent or color shrink packaging.By cutting a pack of shrink packs for the gift basket, you can make some smaller packs for a single bath bomb.
Use a hair dryer to seal the plastic.
Place a separate bath bomb in a small brown craft bag with a custom label.You can bind the top of the bag and print some custom labels with a home printer.Find free label templates online.Place three to six deep bath bombs into a small card gift box that is closed with decorative handles.
In the chocolate and candy making passages of crafts and bridal shops, small decorative boxes are a great way to pack several bath bombs at a time.Line the box with broken paper or paper towels to keep the bomb separate.Stack the bath bomb with transparent plastic pipe with lid.
The shape of the package cylinder coincides with the shape of the bath bomb and is made for professional finishes.Add a label or curling tape to the outside for extra aesthetic appeal
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