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storage box with magnetic closure How to make your own Dry Box

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-01
storage box with magnetic closure How to make your own Dry Box
I live in a very damp house and used to have to throw away my clothes, handbags, mattresses and bookcases for mold reasons.I bought a DSLR a few years ago, and soon after, I found a lot of people complaining about mold growth in the camera lens coating.It is very difficult to clean these molds.
Sometimes they have to throw away the moldy expensive footage and I don't want this to happen to me.Why does the camera lens have a mold?Molds like to grow on DSLR lens coating as they like to grow in warm, wet and humid places.Typically, the mold grows when the relative humidity (RH) exceeds 70%.
There is also a very special mold that can grow only when the RH level is less than 20%.Ideal RH level for storing camera gear at 40-50%.The RH level in my home is about 75% in winter and I use a 20L dehumidifier to help lower the RH level.
Unfortunately, the dehumidifier is expensive to run, so I have to find a cheaper alternative..I strolled around and found that a dry box with a camera and a lens was quite affordable.However, if you have more than one lens, the dry box can be expensive and it costs more than $100.
If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a dry box, why not do it yourself?When you use a dry box for the first time, first place the silicone and humidity meter in the box and keep the box empty and not breathable for at least 6 hours.The reason?Because when the silicone is used for the first time, it is full strength, which means that it absorbs moisture at full capacity, making the dry box dry than expected.It was based on my friend's personal experience that he put the camera and gear in a brand new drying box and silicone;He found the RH level to be 35% (too dry ).
After a few hours, the RH level stabilized to 50% and remained near that level until the silicone needed to be charged/updated. the right size container for all camera gear (camera and lens.A closed container will prevent external air from entering the container, thus keeping the correct RH inside the container.
Place the sealed container in a cool and dry place.You can use large food storage containers that are not breathable or specially madeLock storage container designed for camera lens.2.The small dehumidifier is fully wireless and is able to absorb moisture from small container units.
The unit does not require battery/power to operate, just hang it in the container.The advantage of this unit is that it is rechargeable/can be updated.The device has a special color water splitter Crystal indicator that changes from "Blue" (when dry) to "pink" (when wet ).
When the indicator light is pink, simply remove the dehumidifier from the container and charge it 8-10 hours.Please recharge in the wellThe device can absorb about 6 ounces of water, so it can last for 3-for a small container-4 weeks before you need to start overnew it.2.You may have seen this silicone in your new handbag or camera box.
The silicone bag above is in my new handbag.Silicone is essential because it absorbs moisture from small closures and prevents mold/fungus from growing in them.If you store your camera gear in a closed device for a long time, it is especially important to have silicone.
If you plan to travel for a few days in a humid area, it is also recommended to put a few small bags of silicone in your camera bag.Silicone is reusable.If the silicone no longer absorbs moisture or changes in color, you can simply fry or heat in a low-heat oven for a few minutes.It can then be used again.A highly recommended silicone from the Pelican that contains a silicone unit of 40gr that protects up to 3 cubic feet of enclosed space.
So you can use this device in your own dry box.No electricity/battery required.If it's pink, this unit uses a color indicator in blue and pink, just re-Charge in the oven and the device can be used again.It is small (only 2x4 inch), very light and can also be placed in your camera.
The humidity meter is used to measure the relative humidity (RH) level.In order to prevent mold and fungus from appearing in camera gears, 40-RH level is required for storage box/dry box50%.If hygrometer display RH level higher than 50% or lower than 40% so you need to check case phone case.
Lower means you need more silicone to absorb the substance, or the silicone needs to be updated/charged.Higher means the dry box is too dry and you may need to remove some silicone from the dry box.It is very important to have a moisture meter in your dry box.
You can buy a fairly inexpensive analog humidity meter for about $5$10.Or you can buy a digital moisture meter for about $15.$40.Make sure it gives you accurate reading first.
This is a very small humidity meter with only 2.25 \ "diameter, can be easily placed in a dry box using magnetic brackets.There are many companies selling dry boxes now.
I personally recommend dry boxes made and made by pelicans, which are also the most recommended brands for many photographers around the world.The dry box of the Pelican is airtight, waterproof and sturdy.Less than $20.These boxes are also perfect for traveling.
If you have several lenses and all other camera equipment, you may not be able to bring them into the cabin as a carry-onon luggage.Most likely you will need to check in and you can safely store all your expensive camera gear in these sturdy Pelican dry boxes.It will also make sure your camera gears are dry and prevent them from getting moldy and moldy.
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