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strong cardboard box sarah and "the stupid box" -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-25
strong cardboard box sarah and \
Sarah, my "little girl" is now 12 years old and jumps around like a madman.She was in a big carton, three hours ago, with a new vacuum cleaner in it.I think for the kids, it's like a moth, even for kids who are about to be teenagers.
The temptation to jump in a big box is too big to miss.Yes, my girl still has the passion of children.There is also one person's judgment.She was there and happily jumped around in the box as if she were taking part in the potato bag competition during the summer picnic.
Of course, most potato sacks are played in the open air.Sarah decided to put her in the hallway, two steps closer to our sunken living room.She was well aware that the steps were there and decided to negotiate.
Of course, the laws of physics work as well in Connecticut as elsewhere.She missed the first step, stretched forward and got in touch: the forehead piano bench.If you are a parent, you will know when you see a family accident with your child.
First of all, after a brief panic, you will assess if they are really hurt and how serious they are.You look for reaction and cry.Is this a cry of pain?Is it an awkward cry?Is this a cry that "I know I'll have trouble if I don't shed tears quickly?Don't they cry at all?I soon found out that Sarah was more embarrassed than hurt.She looked at me, partly to see my reaction, partly to see how she should react.
I went with the old trial and the real thing, "Cheer up, you're fine.\ "I think I can always go back to icepack or 911 phone if I need.Once we were all sure she was OK, she decided to try to save face.
She blurted out the "stupid box ".
There was a pleasant smile on my face.
"I don't need to say, honey, do I?\"Silence.She knew.An interesting story, a child took a cheap lesson in the empty box and the sunken living room.Now, let's talk about you.You are not a child, but what you may be doing is as stupid and obvious as my girl and her box.
Don't be ashamed.
We are all human beings.
The opportunity missed is not because of stupid mistakes.They blame the environment.This box is not stupid.It's just a box.The environment you live in is not stupid.None of them have the ability to make a choice for you, even those you seem to be in trouble.
Some of the things we do for ourselves are so obvious to the outside world.It's good for us to see you from the outside.It's easier for us to see.Some are more subtle.But that's the degree problem.We put ourselves in that box, big or small.
We sometimes skate near the danger zone.
We sometimes do a poor job of managing risks, just like lovely Sarah.Like I said, it's cool.Make your mistake.This is part of human life.Then constantly improve your ability to observe and accept personal responsibility.Did you screw up?Bounce back after falling, laugh at your stupidity and decide to do something different.
Wasting your energy on blaming the environment is the energy you can use to make things better.No exceptions.Out of danger, I'm going to put an empty big carton in the garage.At the same time, you are also very happy to be your perfect self.
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