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strong cardboard box the lean way journey… -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-07
strong cardboard box the lean way journey… -
CorruCartons offers a range of high quality heavy duty cartons for your business.A wide variety of cartons are also available.Our customers pay for the products they buy and the value we offer them.
This value provides Mr.
Sandeep Agarwal (general manager-Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd) started the lean journey long ago, formed the CII Godrej basic cluster in 2010, and then formed the advanced cluster in 2015."Lean" is a systematic approach to minimize waste in manufacturing systems without sacrificing productivity.Lean also considers waste generated by covering "Muri" and waste generated by uneven work load "Mura.
No customer is willing to pay for the inefficiency and loss caused by waste.The cost of rework is borne by the company.Through lean manufacturing, we re-Design business processes to reduce and eliminate non-Value-Added process.
We have reached several milestones in the lean journey, which is still a long journey, and our dedicated team is always eager to find opportunities for better change.Through constant advice, new improvements, regular 5S audits (both internal and external), we are constantly striving to do better than before.Thanks to Godrej Interio for getting in touch with us and making this all possible by contacting the Indian Federation of Industries (Indian.
Through the CII platform, we have gained many opportunities to learn and share our improvements, and we have won many honors for this.To view our awards and recognition, please click on the link below.We are carton manufacturer in Mumbai
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