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Surrey signs ‘sustainable’ garbage contract - custom pizza boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-06-12
Surrey signs ‘sustainable’ garbage contract  -  custom pizza boxes
Surrey Mayor Dianne WattsSurrey signed a new $9
A million garbage contract was signed with BFI Canada to provide a "sustainable" garbage collection service that will eventually see its trucks filled with kitchen waste, yard waste and other organic matter.
Under the contract, which will come into effect on next October, residential waste in the city will be discharged by 23-per-
Reduce carbon emissions and 90-per-
According to the city, air particles are a fraction less than conventional diesel trucks.
The deal came after a pilot roadside organic project launched last year that sought to analyze the effectiveness, cost and customer of separating organic matter from other residential waste and excluding it from the dump
The city plans to expand the project to the whole of Surrey next year, and organic matter will eventually be transported by truck to the city's new biofuels facility.
"We want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure we reduce waste and be responsible for the environment," said Surrey mayor Diana Watt, noting that the waste collection plan will set up a "benchmark" in North America ".
"The good news is that we will use organic matter in our organisms
Fuel facilities for refueling trucks.
"The goal is to transfer 70 of the city's garbage from the landfill by 2015 --
The move is in line with the Vancouver Metro strategy.
According to Metro's plan, all municipalities will be required to implement the kitchen waste plan by 2015 to reduce the amount of garbage transported by truck to the dump.
Noble harbor is Vancouver's first city to offer roadside food.
The documents that were stained are now being passed by other municipalities.
Everything from apple core to chicken bones, bread skins, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper towels and pizza boxes has to be in a green trash can instead of a trash can.
According to Surrey's website, about 65 of the garbage is kitchen garbage.
Watts said the Surrey pilot organic project showed a 45 reduction in household waste in the participating areas.
The new garbage contract includes the use of standardized garbage trucks, which will be delivered before all households.
The city manages about 97,000 single residential roadside garbage collection, recycling and yard garbage
Family homes more than 30,000 per week andfamily units.
Ksinoski @ vancouversun.
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