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tall cardboard boxes Dolls for Older Kids

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
When will the girl stop playing with the doll?It depends...a lot.Some girls leave them behind once they have the skills to read, manipulate tech toys or swing baseball bats.Other people like dolls all their lives.There is a difference between older children and younger children playing with dolls.
Younger children are more likely to play mom, using dolls as props to try adult characters.At the same time, older children are more likely to participate in elaborate dramas;They still do, "Let's pretend," but these characters may be historical children or characters in books.Compared with young children, nine years oldor ten-year-Children don't like dolls very much.
They are more easily attracted to teen dolls or "companion dolls ---Representing nine dolls.or ten-year-The old man is like himself.Over time, traditional pretend games allow to be located in making clothes, accessories, or houses.I was myself a long time agoRealized playing dolls at junior high school age.
And then I realized it was my family.
-Generation after generationThe reason I don't know is that most of my female relatives are older or younger than me for half a generation to a generation.When I was 26, one of my cousins had girls aged 12 and 14.Young people still like dolls very much (especially Barbie's sister Kelly ).
The elders will not play with them, but will work with us to design the house for Barbie in cartons: practice building and interior design.There is a picture of another cousin who is a lot older than me, a big girl around eleven, holding a doll on Christmas morning.Girl born in the early and middleDolls in their 70 s are earlier than other generations: Our dolls before and after.
The pendulum is on the other side.
When the first American Girl doll came out, I was a teenager.The doll was put away.-But they still fascinate me.I know other people are expressing the same thing.We might condemn materialism, but AG does more than any other line in making the doll cool again.
Whether girls like them or not is partly a matter of personality and partly a matter of peers.But girls entering their teens are not necessarily not cool to show their AG dolls online.After returning to 80 s, pleasant company took bold action: they sold dolls to girls over the age of ten.
The goal of the statement was to capture the imagination of girls in the golden age when they were big enough to accept literature and young enough to play.The early dolls represented different periods of history.The target age is 8 to 12.Soon a magazine designed for modern girls was accompanied by the doll line.
The magazine also strives to provide a positive example for girls...As an option, don't turn too early to teen magazines that focus on boys and fashion.The American Girl doll was welcomed by the target audience and by young children and older collectors.
The company is still making historical dolls, but it has been another route for years ---Representing modern girls like their masters.-It has always been a phenomenon.The doll is a bit expensive, but there are other styles as well.The companion doll (sometimes called 18 inch dolls) is very big.
My big niece is about to go to fifth grade and she is a huge fan of American girls!Taller...and Older?When I was a child, there was no difference in the target age group of dolls of different sizes.But it is clear that there are studies that show that it is easier for girls to see larger dolls as companions.
..Play with them longerThere are many companies making accompanying dolls now.In some ways, Maplelea's dolls are a replacement for American girls.The target audience is girls between the ages of 8 and 12.
The company is small and has different views on culture and history.Maplelea dolls are modern Canadian girls, but some of them are very much in contact with their traditions, both Inuit and French Canadians.They brought in a diary: The Chronicle of the life of a pair of dolls, and the space for a girl --Written companionThey are more like the AG girls of the year series than the history series because the girl doll of the year is a modern girl with a limited number of accompanying literature ).
However, Maplelea continues to produce goods for the same doll instead of limiting production to one year.Price-The clever thing is that the Maplelea doll is comparable to the American girl.They are small, mainly sold to Canadian audiences.
After reading the reply from real nightto twelve-year-The old girl, the company expanded their team and added Leonie in Quebec, who plays hockey and guitar.Isn't she a doll?Maplelea Canadian girls must be ordered from the manufacturer.We met a group of eleven British people here.
year-The world of society and games has been changed by the phenomenon of dolls: a mother called "mini"me\'."My London store" obviously owes a lot of money to the United States in the inspiration department.S.American Girl shopIn the UK, like in the US, teens can be sure that dolls are cool.
So: is this also a healthy choice?much-tech-too-Soon, returning to the traditional concept of childhood, I still want to change the little girl into a big girl --time consumers?What is outstanding?Instead of covet Facebook accounts, they are tasting tea parties...Or are they eager to experience with costumes and doll salons?Kidz n Cats...Some dolls line up between playing dolls and collectors dolls.
If a girl is still interested in playing and handling her dolls, the most important thing is that they are made of vinyl instead of porcelain.Clothes should also be worn and worn.(This will help if the doll is a reasonable standard size.The dolls in the German Kidz n Cat series were once listed as collectors dolls on Mrs.
Alexander's website.
It's not surprising--Their faces and clothes are exquisite.They're eighteen years old.However, the vinyl connected in inches can wear a wide variety of clothing.They do cost several times as much as the dolls in Mrs.
Alexander's favorite Friends series.
The cheaper Lady Alexander doll is often considered a replacement for American girls.Parents sometimes choose them because American girls are out of their comfort zone or because the girl is in the younger stages of age range they are not sure if she is ready to appreciate and care about buying an expensive dollKidz n cat doll is for girls who are ready to take care of high catsend doll.I think they are suitable for a person who really cherishes dolls, and it seems likely to be older than the age when girls traditionally play with dolls.
These dolls are no longer distributed by Mrs. Alexander, but you can still find them in the United States.Older girls use dolls as performance props and use springboard to write.
They expand books, create original characters, and try their drama skills.What I see in these videos is very much like what I remember in my childhood ---The addition of technology.Although there was no YouTube at the time, I still played the role in these books.
YouTube may have added a new element.
Some videos represent the real game, either creating a story or conveying lines that are well remembered.Others are more about creating a product: getting involved in film technology and acting.This sweet-Facing Heidi Ott 18-Inch doll is another option for girls who transition from playing doll to collection.
The recommended age of the manufacturer is 12 years and older;There is a note that she is not suitable for children under the age of 7.The doll is from Switzerland.Price-It is wise that she is just a little less than an American girl.There is not much left;The doll is marked "Last stock ".
Accompanying dolls did not start with American girls.A childhood friend had a Mandy doll from my friend.Mandy is a few inches smaller than the AG doll and may be a lot cheaper than the AG doll;Like most dolls of that time, she drew her eyes.
I believe she is of the same age as the doll.My doll (pictured) is a smaller, more common child doll, actually inDate Mandy, but named "Mandy" in honor of my friend's doll ".I believe I had her since I was a toddler;This photo shows me around my ninth birthday.
When my nine-year-old niece saw a picture of me holding a doll, she asked me why I had Dolly with me.I reminded her that she had just gone out for breakfast with her doll."Yes," she said, "but she is an American girl.
Looks like a little Dolly.
Then Barbie!The controversy she caused was more than just her part.However, when I was a child, I didn't think about her from a physical image perspective.She's just an adult in my play.It's interesting to observe the changes Barbie has made over the years.
The modern Barbie doll designed for play has a different figure, a smaller chest and a more realistic proportion.Still, the old style is still available.In fact, quite a few vintage dolls have been reissued.I have observed that the old professional dolls are more realistic than the new ones in terms of clothing and accessories.
It's easier to wear pink clothes than new ones.There are quite a few cute-Sy \ "accessories;The baby doctor Game Group includes a stork bird.This is not the case with Yore's student teacher (or astronaut.
Barbie's target audience has also changed.It makes sense that she was sold to girls under the age of 12 ---It's past the age of the doll.Now American girls and other accompanying dolls have entered the market.
Those ultra-Barbie Pink-Like a doll-Mainly sold to the followingeight set.My six-year-The old niece is a fan of Barbie.My ten-year-Not the old niece.Other modern Barbie dolls are for collectors of all ages "girls ".
Holiday, vintage, Culture and Character dolls are included.Hearts Club dolls designed to promote positive value only.They're 9 inch tall--Although some parents think they are a replacement for Barbie ).
These dolls take care of horses and small animals.The books are designed for elementary school grades, but the dolls are sold for girls under 10 years of age.BFC club dollBFC --Best friends Club-Dolls are designed to represent middle school girls.
Like real middle school girls, they have not only different skin colors and features, but also different body types.(Some are more children-Like, some teenagers.) They have two sizes.Fashion dolls are smaller than Barbie and more like a sister.
The newer 18 inch dolls took advantage of thisPopular concept of companion dolls.My aunt Helen has a combined room.As a woman in her fifties, she likes to buy a doll for Christmas.(During my childhood and teens, I enjoyed spending an evening at her house.
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