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tissue wrapping paper gift wrapping ideas: surface that’s not superficial

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15
What is special about receiving gifts?Of course, it has something to do with knowing that someone cares about you and that you have meaningful happiness for those people.Although this is deeper, human-The relationship meaning of gifts is quite important, and we should not ignore the surface.To better understand the background of the giftPerhaps we should think of the best recipient of all gifts: children.In their case, it is not the realization of their relationship with someone that determines their happiness, but the simpler thing: the element of surprise.It's not just a gift that's unexpected, it's also the emotion of opening the box and opening it when they don't know what's inside.As far as this is concerned, there are very few things that will change as we grow older.Grown-When there is a wrapped gift in front of ups, they will feel the same enjoyment ---Opening the Box reveals that there is a smaller box inside the box, a common cliché intended to emphasize that you cannot immediately reveal the suspense that the gift can create.Now it's clear that the way you wrap your gift is like a icing on a cake.This is the first visual contact with the present, so it is worth noting.The way the gift is packaged indicates how much time you spend preparing it, so it also indicates how much time you think the recipient is worth.Don't pack a nice gift at will.Instead, consider some ideas for wrapping gifts.Ideally, you should match the presentation with the gift, occasion, and recipient.Of course, some skills are needed.If you are not very confident about your packaging talent, you can pack gifts in the store, although most of the time, the recipient will be able to identify professional packaging due to the standards of professional packaging.But if you pay attention to what people in the store do, you can quickly wrap the gift in a similar way or even come up with a more creative package.Remember: The surface is not always superficial.In order to make your gift package special, you can wrap it in different ways and use different styles.You must have noticed that most of us wrap gifts in simple wrapping paper.Replace gift wrapping paper with gift bags.Gift bags have different shapes, sizes and colors.You can pack the gift and put it in the gift bag and decorate the bag from the outside.If you don't want to use a gift bag, you can wrap it up and make it look beautiful with ribbons, bows, glitter and beads.Paper towels of different colors can also be used.You can also walk the natural way and decorate the wrapping paper with flowers or pine nuts.Stickers or some funny or funny cutA foreign publication in a newspaper or magazine can be used to paste on the wrapping paper to make it interesting and different.Or how about this: Instead of using gift wrapping paper, wrap the gift on a piece of fabric and paint or decorate the fabric in the recipient's favorite color.When you package a gift, make sure that the package reflects your feelings about the recipient.The package must be careful because if it is perfect then even a simple gift will look like a masterpiece.It looks like it will appeal to the recipient and will make him or her feel good and special.It will express your love and affection.So next time, take extra time before giving someone a gift, follow the gift packaging philosophy mentioned here and make sure your gift is wrapped in style.
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