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tissue wrapping paper kids homemade party hat ideas - free article courtesy of ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-29
tissue wrapping paper kids homemade party hat ideas - free article courtesy of ...
Try these one-of-a-Kind kids get ideas for homemade party hats for your next kids party.From gorgeous hats to sombreros, from the cone of the wizard to the crown of the Princess.Learn how to make them with simple craftsmanship and homemade materials.
Let the child sit "fit" on the hat ".
To form the crown of the hat, put three pieces of wrapping paper and/or colored paper towels of 25 to 30 inch on the child's head.The newspaper is also very good.Make sure the right side of the bottom paper is down so that the lower side of the hat will also have color/pattern.For higher hats, place a rolling newspaper ball on the child's head before forming the cap.
Arrange the paper in different angles, so that the paper points will be expanded in different directions.At about the level of the ear, wrap the masking tape several times over the child's head.Next, trim or roll the newspaper to form the edge of the hat.
For the Derby cap, roll from the strap to a 2 inch inside and add feathers.To make a floppy cap, stick a ribbon belt on the concealer tape and add silk flowers.For sombrero, add a piece of paper or fabric edge to the edge.
Children are encouraged to further beautify their hats with paint, marker pens, ribbons, wrinkled paper, silk flowers, fabrics, gift bows, pompoms, buttons, sequins, etc.CONE-Roll a large piece of paper into a cone.Tape or Staples for fixing.Trim down the edge if needed and let it have a nice round shape.
Decorate the hat with paint, glitter and other decorations.Gift wrap or scrapbook using a specific theme.For a princess hat, apply a piece of tulle on the top of the hat or some hot glue decorated by maribou (boa) on the bottom.
For the witch hat, use a solid color, decorated with a foil-shaped moon, star, and planetary shape.Glow-in-the-The dark stars will be great too.Poke a hole along the bottom edge on each side of the hat.
Run a knotted ribbon or lightweight elastic through each hole to secure it on the child's head.Cut a piece of cellophane thread to fit your child's head.(This type of wire has a foil shape on it that can be used to decorate the package instead of the ribbon) take a few curling bands and finally curl them and tie them to the back of the headband.
Use bright complementary colors and look very beautiful from your little girl's back.Fold a big newspaper in half.You can also decorate beautiful patterned hats with wrapping paper or decorate yourself with plain paper.16x19 pieces are the right size for the child's head.
Place the rectangle on the table and fold each side evenly at a 45 degree angle to meet the middle crease.This is a tip.Fold the edges at the bottom up, each to its own, overlapping two triangles.Fix with tape if necessary.Try opening your homemade hat.Visors is a popular party hat.Cheap bubble visors with phone-Rope straps can be purchased from craft shops.
They come in many bright colors and can be decorated with Flash paint and pre-decorationFoam debris such as flowers and bugs.Make your own sun visor by cutting the center of the paper tray to make a strap that fits the child's head.Then cut the center of the circular plate into halfFix it in the band.
Decorate as needed.
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