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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15
At Christmas, all my friends seem to be happy, friendly and excited because Santa will give gifts to their house.My father is Jewish and my mother is Gentile, which is why Christmas is more of a celebration of family gatherings, eating, drinking and exchanging gifts when I grow up than a religious holiday.As a child, I don't know what the difference is, I just know that I like that time of year, close to the end of December.My father has been sick with heart failure for many years (he has had several heart attacks) and my mother is a hairdresser to support us.We didn't have much money, even the necessities of life were given to us by our aunt Letha and Uncle Wally.Life is a struggle and alcohol doesn't make it easier, but once a year we are allowed to dream about what Santa will bring.We can imagine not being let down because of our desires.Of course, you have to be good because Santa will not stop at your address if you are bad.I try to be myself!It was fun to decorate the artificial tree because it was the only activity I did with my mother.It's great to be able to help her.Color foam amber light wrapped in bright bulbs and shaped like candles.Every gadget is wrapped around paper towels and used repeatedly year after year.I really like this moldy paper towel.We will carefully place each piece of metal foil on one limb at a time.When my brother throws a large piece of metal foil at once, it will definitely cause a battle.My wires are tight and I go crazy if I can't control the process of decorating.Luckily, John didn't like to put the decorations on the tree.He thinks there is too much work.When we finish, we will put a thin cotton skirt in the base.I like to watch the flickering candlelight pop out of the dazzling ball.At this time, I will dream about what I want for Christmas.My eighth year, 1949, I was dreaming!I want Mrs. Alexander's doll.This composition doll with painting features and sleeping eyes is my vision for a companion rather than an invisible friend.I am eager to have a doll to play with, and I do my best to pray that Santa will answer my prayers.That year, the week before December 25, several gifts without any labels were placed under the tree.I took every opportunity to pick up the package and rattle to see if I could figure out what was inside.I did see a box large enough to fit a doll and I was fixed on that rectangular gift.It is behind the part covered with cotton cloth.I closed my eyes and almost went into a trance, imagining a beautiful lady Alexander with thick curly hair.We were told to go to bed early on Christmas Eve and hurry up so Santa wouldn't see us.My mom said, "If you see Santa and look into his eyes, he won't leave a gift.I believe her.She added, "the sooner you sleep, the sooner Christmas will be."We always do two things before we go to the room: we hang our socks on the coat hook (we don't have a fireplace) and we leave cookies and milk for Santa.I was taking a nap all night because I was busy listening to any sound from the wind and was sure I heard Santa at our house.I always wanted to know how he got in.But I really don't care because I know he's amazing and has the same power as fairies, Angels and even God.John and I are ready to get up around 5: 00 in the morning, but we need to wait for Aunt Lessa and Uncle Wally to come over because they like to be with us when we open the gift.I heard my mother say, "you 'd better come soon.I heard the children pacing the room."As soon as the front door was opened, we bolted to the living room and saw layers of parcels all over the tree.Santa was very generous and filled our stockings with fruit and candy.It is a tradition for a person to "play" Santa and distribute a gift to everyone in the room at once.This delays our happiness and allows us to appreciate the gifts of others.We will tear paper one by one.I received socks, underwear, pajamas with polar bear patterns, and a wonderful lotColorful knitted scarf.Mom and aunt always send each other a robe of Vanity Fair.For me, items for girls and women always seem to be more dynamic.I don't remember what my brother, dad or uncle received.When torn wrapping paper and ribbon filled the room, I almost forgot the large box of that rectangle.When my aunt started cleaning up all the empty boxes and paper, I heard my mother say, "There is also a gift.Let's see whose name is on it?Kay."That is the box I have been studying for two weeks with my name on it."Merry Christmas, Kay, this is a gift for all of us."My hands are shaking when I don't knowPackage.I lifted the lid and turned the paper towel back, where she was Mrs. Alexander, wearing a red velvet cloak and a matching beret!I thought I was dead. I went to heaven.Then aunt Lesha handed me a burgundy red velvet rope bag.Inside is the incredible handmade clothes my mother sewed for her Lady.Keep in mind that Barbie has not been created yet.Doll, not even Mrs. Alexander's figure.My mother has carefully designed bras, underwear, notes, shirts, skirts, and even evening dresses for this little doll.Wow, I have never experienced such a special thing in my life.This is one of the few times I feel real love and care from my mom.The alcohol stole my parents and the drugs took my brother, which made me very sad.What is the potential for us to have a happy family without addiction?For years, I kept the special doll and even took it to college.Unfortunately it was in a box of sweaters and it was stolen when I finished moving in my freshman year.I put the image of the doll in my mind and haven't thought about it for many years.When we moved to San Francisco, Joey got the first job of managing a beautiful 40 unit apartment building at the foot of Nob Hill with an elegant marble entrance.He worked as a manager and a part-time job.As the exchange of rent, time maintenance personnel.I couldn't get a teaching position from Boston, but I needed the job and was willing to do anything.I was lucky enough to find a job as a cleaning service and cleaned the office in the financial district of the city center at night.Christmas is coming. I want to make our Christmas tree different.Joey and I just got married and we never had Christmas together.Considering that we don't have much money, we decided to make decorations by hand.We spent hours building paper every day.Stars, moon and ball.I worked with him in an art studio that allowed us to use in the basement.We chose to use the cast iron stove we brought from Massachusetts (see "day of common dependency") as the base of our tree.While we were making decorations, I told Joey the story of Mrs. Alexander's doll.Instead of saying too much, he listened attentively.After working for a few weeks, we drove to a tree in the forest and cut down our own tree.It's romantic and I'm looking forward to a Christmas feast for two people.I know it will be a pleasant holiday.I need to clean the office on the 23rd.I usually get home around midnight.It was close to 1: 00 a.m. that night because several businesses had parties and more work to do.When I was walking on the busy Pine StreetI like to see lights everywhere.It was lovely.I did notice that night that it was quieter than usual.I can't wait to go to our apartment because I'm tired and want to go to bed.I look forward to my first Christmas in California.When I opened the heavy glass floor to the double doors of the ceiling, I noticed that the limestone floor was wet.In fact, I almost slipped and got wet.My heart is runningWhy don't Joey clean it up?How did it get there?What exactly happened?Like many other events, some things seem to always go wrong.I tipto walked past the flooded floor with my toes and opened the first door to my right, which is our apartment.Joey fainted on the floor and the room was full of smoke.I ran to the kitchenette and found that all four gas stoves were burning in a few inches high.I'm angry and scared!The apartment caught fire easily.(The fire department had to come many times during our years together, and Joey tried to light the cigarette with a burner on the stove.He never actually caused a fire, but very close.I forced him to get up.“What happened?I asked to know."I vomited at the front door and I tried to clean it up," he said with great remorse .".I kept the secret of his drinking from everyone, and now I don't want to reveal it.I took a bucket and a mop and cleaned up the mess.While I was working, an elegant gentleman living upstairs walked through the entrance and asked me what was wrong.I lied that someone was sick in the building after the party."It's too bad," he said.I barely spoke to Joey the next day.The reality of his drinking and our tired life made me sad.He pretended nothing happened, but we all knew we were in trouble.It was like many holidays when I was young.He asked me to pose in front of the tree with our decorations for a picture.I did so with disappointment.He handed me a beautifully packaged package and said, "Merry Christmas."I thought we were not exchanging gifts?What is Joey?"Open it and have a look.I untied the lace ribbon first.Then I slowly opened the rectangular box, so I tried not to tear the paper because it was so beautiful.I was panting when I lifted the paper towel.Inside is a lady Alexander doll in a red velvet dress.I cried because of the feelings of this demon sentiment.Of course, I am very grateful to him, but I have been confused in my heart due to the events of the previous night.This reminds me of the past.Alcohol spread between me and my lover, deceiving the happiness of both of us, even though I didn't understand what was going on at the time.I wanted to give Joey a hug but he didn't respond.The next thing I know is that he got up and left the house and didn't go home for a few days.I spent Christmas alone that year.This is not the first or last time he goes out when he faces embarrassment.Today I live in a dream that I have always kept for Santa (see my health ).My Alexander doll is a beautiful girl named Maria.Our daughter, who is now ten years old, feels she is one of the only people in the world to see "real" Santa Claus.Just a few days ago, she said to me, "You know, Mom, I'll always believe in Santa even if I grow up because I see him!Some of my friends don't believe it, but they only see Santa's assistants dressed like him in the mall.When Maria was six years old, we were on vacation near Chicago where Brian's mother and sister lived.In winter, especially when it snows, visit our family, where we have seven nieces and nephews, both of whom are close to Maria's age.That year, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Sharon transformed their basement.Go to a magnificent family room with glass walls bordering grandma's charming garden.Before we arrived, the snow was so big that it created amazing visuals of trees and bushes outside.It was so cold that it formed an ice column that swayed from the roof.A few stockings hung on the mantel, and the fireplace caught fire.The children are playing games, and several uncles and aunts are chatting.A wreath flashed outside to illuminate the spectacular Christmas Eve scene.Suddenly, Grandma screamed, "Look outside!"There must be 15 heads turning in unison and screaming.One of the children said, "it's Santa Claus. it's Santa Claus.Santa stopped for a while and was looking into a comfortable and warm room.When he turned around a large bush, he found a curved brown tail.We were all sure it was a reindeer.One of the children shouted, "Oh, Oh!We have to go to bed.If Santa sees us, he may not come to our house."All the cousins who stayed at grandma's house that night ran too fast, as if for a moment.The oldest boy had a lid on his head and didn't want to get up and brush his teeth.What an exciting experience for all of us to see real Santa!We were in awe.I feel like one of the reasons why I survived my alcoholic family illness --Because I believe it is interdependent.I believe in Santa Claus, fairies, Angels, miracles and the innate goodness of human beings.I have confidence in the facts.I believe in magic.What about you?
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