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tissue wrapping paper preppy look christmas decorating tips and after christmas ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

You can consider buying a tree.When you put the tree up, or invest in a pre-Artificial tree litIf you decide to stay with "real", remember to water the tree;The needles cleaned later will be reduced.Decoration concept: Cable-The fireplace stands are decorated with glass balls and evergreen branches of mini white trees, which look beautiful.Complete the look with a bundle of twisted ribbons.• For things that are different from gift packaging, skip all the holidays-Wrap the theme gift with colored stripes or cheerful checks.Coordinate colors and mix many different patterns as needed.To enliven the view of your window, tie a glass ornament on the bright ribbon on the window.Boka balance prepDots and stripes with solid patterncolored balls.• Create a fluffy sock: something store-I bought the stockings with paper.Fold a six-Cable inch length-Weave the fabric on the top of the sock and glue it with hot glue.Connect the bow and belt with hot glue.Make a ribbon chain for the tree: each loop: a coordination (mismatch) ribbon of two equal lengths of the layer;Paste length with doublesided tape.Align the end to form a loop and double-sided tape.Clean after Christmas• Take out the storage box.Remove the lights, one rope at a time, wrap them around your forearm, just like you extend the rope, secure them in the middle with a rubber band, a pipe cleaner, or a twist.Pack them away.Hold the sheets like a huge sling, and now with the help of your assistant, move or drag the tree to the disposal site.To remove the needle from the carpet, sprinkle it on the carpet with a little baking soda, and then suck it dry in a vacuum.Relax;Everything is over until next year.Source:Hwang C.The appearance of preppy studentsGood housekeeper [serial online ].December 2005;241(5):140.Available from: MAS Ultra-School Edition of maipswich.Visit August 1, 2008.
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