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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

Two years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a book as a birthday present.I love reading, I put it in my reading queue thinking about what a good gift she gave me.When I picked it up and read it, I saw that it was signed in person by her and her friend.I don't know what I should do, if I should just tell her, just keep the book, or tell her to risk embarrassing her.I decided that since her friend had given it to her, whether she was embarrassed or not, she would be happy to get it back.I told her that I had her autographed book and I asked her if she wanted to come back or that I should keep it as I intended to read it.She said give it back to her and she will give me another copy of the same book.I gave it back to her and she gave me another copy of the book, only this time it was personalized by others.I had a good laugh, but I never told her she did it for the second time.Regift is a verb that means giving gifts that others don't want;Giving as a gift what was previously received as a giftRegistration has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade.When comedian Jerry Seinfeld first created the word, it apparently began to become popular.A study shows that 60% of the population has accepted the practice.More than half of adults surveyed by the International Monetary Management (MMI) recently considered registration acceptable.Etiquette experts at Emily Post College have also approved this practice in some cases.Obey some rules of etiquette.It is obvious that you should never give a signed book (unless it is signed by the author) or an article with a combination of letters.Some people say not to sign up for free promotional items.I would like to know why this is not acceptable if it is a good gift and has never been used.I received a promotional gift with a zip lock waterproof bag with a very nice and complete first aid kit inside.It has no identifying information about who gave it.I thought about giving it to you as a gift, but I can't give it up.I think there are some exceptions to this "rule.It is recommended not to register by hand or by handof-a-kind items.I also want to know why.If any of them are fine and you just don't want to keep it because you don't have the space to hold it or it's not your color then is there any problem with registering?Also, if you know that the person you give it will also like it, then it will be the perfect gift for them.Of course, repackaging the gift before giving it is not an easy thing.Don't give gifts with torn wrapping paper and paper towels.If you reuse the gift bag, be sure to change the label to the name of the person you gave the gift.Only new, unopened gifts with good conditions should be considered for registration.A bottle of unopened good wine or new household items and cheap jewelry is a good gift for regift.Never give away gift cards or items that you have had to throw away in parts that have been used, which may not be registered.Use common sense.Make sure you know who gave you the item so you don't return the gift to the original giver.If you feel that an item is not advisable, the recipient may or may not want it.You may want to exchange gifts for the white elephant.Don't declare the gift as a sign up, never feel guilty about signing up once you sign up.The last thing you can consider is to give a gift you don't want to give to a charity.The idea is important, and if you give someone a gift thoughtfully, what's the problem with registering?In this era of environmental issues and personal budget considerations, registration is better than letting it disrupt our homes or land filling.Marilyn is a creative organizer who has been organizing for more than 20 years.She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is working to become a certified professional organizer.For more than two years, she has organized her family and office professionally.She has a bachelor's degree in social work.She has raised five daughters and currently lives in Utah.Go to her website where you can find free organization tips, interesting blogs and useful articles about the organization.
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