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tissue wrapping paper the plight of plastic bags -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15

Walk into the checkout area of any large retail store or supermarket and you will see hundreds of retail stores waiting in line for our shopping.They are plastic bags, which are available to almost every major retailer.They are a common part of consumer shopping around the world, but they are one of the most harmful environmental goods.The foundation of plastic bags is oil, a non-So you already know why plastic bags are a problem.Using oil by-The products and bags are made of a large amount of energy, and most of the time they are made of coal.burning.The oil is heated to a very high temperature, which divides it into a molded polymer.There are five types of polyethylene or #4 plastic.Can't plastic bags be recycled?Technically, the answer is yes.However, when considering the energy needed to recycle plastic bags and considering the quality of the final product, the cost exceeds the benefit.Plastic bags to be repackagedmelted and re-According to the United States, the castS.EPA, requires energy almost as much as normal plastic, or two-The amount of the original package is 30.The polymer in the plastic often breaks during the recycling process, resulting in lower quality products.So, in short, plastic bag recycling is not very beneficial and uses a lot of resources in a limited return.There are some biodegradable bags made from food sources that break down in a compost pile and may break down in a landfill, albeit at a slow pace.However, some may say "biodegradable", but it may actually contain recycled plastic and corn starch.Corn starch is biodegradable, leaving a small piece of plastic, like a plastic "soup" floating in the ocean garbage belt.This poses a danger to animals or fish who mistakenly think plastic is food but still means plastic pollution.Is the paper bag better?Paper bags hold more on average than plastic bags, can be recycled or used for other things (wrapping paper, book covers, etc ).But before you choose paper instead of plastic, realize that recycling paper bags also requires a lot of energy.More energy efficient than plastic bags-Create more waste throughout the life cycle.The only way to reduce the number of plastic bags and paper bags is not to use them.Buy several reusable bags from where you shop.Most stores sell them for a dollar and you will get a huge return on small investments by re-using them over and over again.Reusable bags are stronger than any paper or plastic.Think it's cheesy to bring a reusable market basket bag to WalmartMart?It’s not!It’s eco-Friendly, saving plastic waste, most of which float in our ocean or sit in the landfill forever.Want to be more fashionable?There are several companies selling brightly colored, stylish grocery bags.Reusable product bags are also available.The only complaint most people have about reusable bags is to remember to pack them.Leave them in your car after shopping so they will show up on your next trip.If you have to use plastic bags, ask the staff to fill them up as much as possible and only use them when absolutely needed.Employees are trained to pack everything out of courtesy to customers, but we can be polite to the environment by carrying smaller items without bags and rejecting plastic bags.Plastic bags can also be reused multiple times when shopping at grocery stores or carrying other items.An important step in reducing our dependence on plastic bags is to take out fewer plastic bags from the store each time and recycle the ones we already have.One important note: It's a good idea to clean your reusable bags between purchases, especially when you buy meat products.There is some debate about whether reusable bags carry E.E. coli or other bacteriaAlthough the bill AB 1998 or plastic bag ban failed in California, many cities in the state and the rest of the world have imposed their own plastic bag bans.Other places have started to charge for each plastic bag used, and the number of plastic bags taken away by shoppers has also declined.Some big retailers have completely stopped releasing plastic.It is hoped that more places in the United States and around the world will also reduce the consumption of plastic bags.
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